Making Connections 1: Placing CSRD in the Context of the EU Regulatory Landscape

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By now, many within the corporate reporting sphere understand the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) as a mechanism for enhancing the quality, transparency, and comparability of reported sustainability information. However, the regulatory context from which CSRD emerged and how it may influence the future regulatory landscape, are less widely understood. The CSRD is a natural progression of pre-existing EU legislation and a significant step forward for EU sustainability and climate goals. Recognizing this context allows us to better understand the intent behind CSRD and gain useful insight into how the regulatory landscape may continue to evolve.



This webinar will review the four connection points between CSRD and the broader constellation of EU legislation:

  • Building Blocks - the pre-existing legislation that is foundational to CSRD
  • Influences - the strategic and legislative setting in which CSRD was developed
  • Dependencies - the EU regulations dependent on high-quality sustainability information provided through CSRD in order to fully achieve their objectives
  • Looking Forward - the influence that CSRD is having on future legislation and the corporate sustainability reporting landscape

We will examine both the interconnections between CSRD and various pieces of legislation as well as individual pieces of legislation on a deeper level. A short Q&A will be held towards the end of the session.


Discussion Leaders

  • Louis Coppola, EVP & Co-Founder, G&A Institute
  • Christina Carlton, Sustainability Analyst, G&A Institute
  • Peter Paul van de Wijs, Chief Policy Officer of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


Please complete the form on the right to download the recording of the webinar.


This webinar is part of G&A’s Pathfinder webinar series: Navigating the New Regulatory Environment for Corporate Sustainability Disclosures. Click here to view information about the other webinars planned in the series.


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