Coaching / Training

Customized trainings on ESG & sustainability including reporting standards, sustainable investing, stakeholders, expert third parties and other important topics...

  • Group training and workshops with focus on ESG / Sustainability / Responsibility
  • Briefings for senior management, board members and the C-Suite
  • Preparation sessions for corporate disclosure and reporting teams
  • Media and communication training (for public presentations)
  • Speech / presentation review and rehearsals
  • Customized training offerings to meet client needs

More on Coaching / Training 

"ESG," corporate sustainability, responsibility, corporate citizenship, and related topics may be new subject matter for C-suite executives and boards of directors, as well as for managers in other positions.

This service offering is designed to bring all corporate team members up-to-speed on ESG and Sustainability; understanding the complexity of ESG issues and frameworks; assembling the Corporate Sustainability team and preparing them for strategy-setting and program implementation  for the corporate sustainability journey, the G&A Team provides a range of customized coaching, team building and small group training for clients.

The G&A Institute team is available for executive and management coaching, training programs for individuals and teams, and structured training programs (such as organized workshops). These sessions can be organized for individuals and group presentation, customized to fit client needs, and focused on:

  • Lessons learned in corporate sustainability and responsibility strategies, initiatives and programs. (We monitor these corporate programs on an ongoing basis.) Case histories are included and can be customized for your corporate presentations.
  • Best Practices for corporate CR and Sustainability programs.
  • Structuring Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability strategies, initiatives, governance and organization, implementation.
  • Sustainability and CR disclosure and reporting – including GRI Reporting.
  • Investor Focus on ESG and Sustainability – asset owners and their managers, fund trustees, ESG financial analysts, and other capital market participants and players. (Designed for corporate Investor Relations Officers and Finance Officers, and Corporate Secretaries.) Includes public presentation advice for investor meetings.
  • One-on-one customized coaching on a confidential basis for corporate leadership (especially for public presentation preparation).


We can develop on-demand educational content or digital presentations on CR and Sustainability – for use on web sites, intranets, public presentations. 

With effective coaching and preparation, the corporate leadership team for CR and Sustainability will develop the road map for the organization's sustainability journey.