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Stakeholder Report Review

Engage and receive important feedback to guide future reporting, materiality and strategy-setting...

  • Review reporting, initiatives and materiality decisions with important stakeholder groups
  • Engage with stakeholders and build stronger relationships
  • Identify key external & internal stakeholder concerns with current program
  • Learn where improvement is needed and where efforts are most appreciated
  • Set future strategy and integrate stakeholder perspectives in future reporting

More on Stakeholder Report Review

Stakeholders are an important audience when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility programs and reporting. It's important for organizations that want to get the most from their sustainability program continue to engage with, and align their programs with important stakeholder concerns. 

We assist our corporate clients in obtaining the perspectives of key stakeholders relative to current or recent reports. After the report is published and you're getting ready for the next report, it's an opportune time to engage with us to facilitate a stakeholder review of your report. Gathering key stakeholder perspectives on your reporting, and on the materiality process and decisions is extremely valuable in setting strategy for preparing future reports. 

This service helps to make the next report and the sustainability program more aligned with the stakeholders concerns, and increases the value that is being generated from the program. We can help you strategically align your sustainability program and reporting by providing a better understanding of what your stakeholders are seeking in your disclosures and structured reporting efforts.


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