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Assistance with GRI Report Alignment Services

GRI's Materiality Disclosures Services, Content Index Service, SDG Mapping Service, etc...

  • Demonstrate your report's alignment with the GRI's framework
  • Step-by-step assistance to enable smooth engagement with GRI's services team
  • G&A is GRI's exclusive Data Partner in the US, UK, and Ireland
  • Services to help make GRI reports easier to navigate

More on Assistance with GRI Services

The Alignment section of the GRI Support Suite provides solutions that help ensure reporting is aligned with the GRI Guidelines, making sustainability data more traceable and useable.  The Content Index Service, the SDG Mapping Service, and the Materiality Disclosures Service are available for reports based on the G4 Guidelines.  GRI branded organizational marks are included in reports when Alignment Services have been completed successfully.

We assist corporate managements from start to finish in the process of engaging with the GRI Services team on any of the GRI's Report Alignment Services. 

Our team has helped dozens of companies successfully complete these engagements with GRI so that they can ensure that reporting is aligned with the GRI Guidelines and make their sustainability date more traceable, usable and navigable.  

G&A Institute is the exclusive data partner for the GRI in the U.S.A., the U.K., and Republic of Ireland. In this important pro bono relationship, we gather and analyze more than 1,500 corporate reports each year, capturing critical data sets and other information that aids in our counseling efforts.


Our Services

G&A services are broken down into three service related categories.