Sustainability Reporting

(GRI, SASB, TCFD, IIRC, UNGC, CDP) Measuring, managing and reporting on the progress of the organization's sustainability journey...

  • Experts in the leading sustainability reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, IIRC, UNGC, CDP, and S&P Global SAM's Corporate Sustainability Assessment (feeding into the DJSI indexes)
  • G&A analyzes thousands of sustainability reports as GRI's Data Partner in the United States, United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
  • Our analysis and published research keep our finger on the pulse of sustainability reporting leadership and best practices
  • Tools, data, and systems which enable efficient and effective reporting to multiple frameworks
  • Assistance in linking various frameworks for increased usability / navigability of reporting
  • Project management tools and resources for report preparation
  • Writing, editing, review of content (data and narrative)
  • Strategy and advice for corporate sustainability teams

More on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Reporting – Advice and Assistance

G&A Institute team members identify, closely monitor, profile and engage with respected leaders in corporate sustainability and responsibility strategies and programs. We profile the leaders in the corporate sector and monitor their progress as they set the pace for their sectors and industries – in the USA and globally. Corporate managers retain G&A to profile their investment peers, competitors, and select leaders to gain the important knowledge to guide their own sustainability journey.

Corporate managers need the roadmap for that journey, which often begins with small steps. We help companies research CR and Sustainability reporting trends and as part of our benchmarking and profiling efforts, we compile Best Practices for corporate sustainability and responsibility strategies and programs – and the disclosure and public reporting associated with strategies, implementation and programs.

G&A Institute is the exclusive data partner for the United States, United Kingdom, and The Republic of Ireland for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which has become the most commonly used global standard-setting organization for corporate CR and sustainability reporting. Our team monitors, gathers, analyzes and reports on trends in GRI reporting as well as the reports of individual US-based companies and organizations.

More about the GRI Data Partnership here.

The G&A Team is expert in analyzing corporate disclosure, transparency and structured reporting, especially with regard to ESG key performance indicator and organization of the corporate report. We analyze many corporate reports each month as part of our responsibilities as the exclusive Data Partner for the US, UK, and Ireland for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

This in-depth, sweeping analysis of report content and subsequent assemblage of "Sustainability Big Data" provides comprehensive resources to assist client managements with preparation of the GRI G4 report, utilizing the widely-accepted G4 framework for corporate sustainability reporting. Our continuous analyses of G4 reporting yield important knowledge sets for advising clients on their reporting.  Experience counts here:  G&A Institute team members have been involved in corporate financial and business disclosure for more than three decades.

If your company is already publishing sustainability and/or responsibility (or citizenship) reports, we will provide an in-depth view of where the reporting can be improved or expanded or narrowed to be more relevant to meaningful and useful to users' needs for information about your company's sustainability journey (and achievements).