CDP Response Support

Critical two-stage comprehensive CDP response support service

  • Stage 1: Occurs annually in spring, after CDP results published in winter
    • Benchmarking Analysis: In-depth analysis of your previous CDP scores (if applicable) and benchmarking materials. Identifies priority areas for your company for next response.
    • Gap Analysis: Includes G&A’s analysis of your company’s response to the CDP questions with recommendations; leading peer research & examples; and, relevant company materials to improve next year’s CDP response. This results in the compilation of G&A’s CDP Precision Strategy and Gap Analysis.
  • Stage 2: Occurs annually in summer; when the CDP opens
    • CDP Response Support: Helps the company to improve their CDP Response through the details identified in Stage 1 to help improve this year’s response effort.
    • SME Support: Provide guidance and support to internal SMEs; and coordinating the response input for CDP’s Online Response System.

More on CDP Response Support

G&A’s approach for improving the CDP scoring and response effort for our corporate clients is offered through a tried and true two-stage process, with concentrated activities in the winter and spring months. (We are available for advice throughout the year.)


STAGE 1: Benchmark Analysis & Gap Analysis Plan
Occurs annually in spring, after CDP publishes results in the winter and before the Online Response System open in April

  • Benchmark Analysis: The first stage of G&A’s CDP support process consists of a deep analysis of your company’s previous CDP scores (if applicable) and the supplied CDP scoring guidance. G&A identifies strategic focus areas through related internal systems. If the company has not previously responded, G&A will review the company’s existing public disclosure for alignment with CDP guidance.
  • Gap Analysis: G&A's team has built proprietary tools and systems that leverage our knowledge to help clients maximize their scores on CDP. These tools help to make the process more effective and efficient for the client company. These tools include a G&A's customized "CDP Precision Strategy and Gap Analysis" interactive project management worksheet and deliverable which can be sorted and searched. The gap analysis includes:
    • precise estimation of score and scoring gaps on each question on the response and the overall scoring in each of the four CDP scoring brackets (disclosure-D, awareness-C, management-B, leadership-A);
    • clear communication of the number of points missed on each question and detailed information on why the points are missed;
    • identification of precise gaps on each question and how many points each gap is worth;
    • recommendations on how, and assistance in, filling the gaps in responses;
    • industry peer examples of how more comprehensive responses were made to provide context and insight on the questions that matter most for your company.

STAGE 2: CSA Response Support
Occurs annually in spring/summer; when the CDP Online Response System opens in April and closes in July

  • The second stage of G&A’s process assists the client with submitting the CDP response. This stage of support begins in the spring – and increases in tempo as soon as CDP releases the updated scoring methodology and questions (usually in March).
  • Through its proven experience and our project management systems, G&A uses the gap analysis from Stage 1 to improve this year’s response effort. This includes providing guidance and coordinating the response into CDP’s system.

CDP Background

CDP is a global system of annual surveys through which thousands of companies can measure, disclose, and share vital environmental information. Based in the UK and founded in 2000 as the “Carbon Disclosure Project”, the organization has assembled the largest database of greenhouse gas emissions disclosures in the world with more than 8,400 companies responding.

Now branded CDP the not-for-profit organization has expanded focus to include water security and deforestation. All of these activities focus on advancing an economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change in line with the below-two-degree pathway outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.

The information offered by CDP are used by investors with US$96 trillion in assets and by companies with $3 trillion in purchasing power. CDP allows investors and companies to make informed decisions that mitigate the risks of environmental issues and capitalize on the opportunities that a responsible approach presents.

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