Double Materiality Assessment

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Prepare for the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and understand your business’s important ESG topics and identify opportunities to improve existing disclosures.

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is having dramatic impacts on the ESG reporting landscape, mandating extensive sustainability disclosures not just in the EU, but across the globe for organizations with operations in the EU that meet certain criteria (revenues, employees, and assets).  

double materiality assessment is a prerequisite to CSRD-aligned sustainability reporting and companies must undergo this process to determine which of the ESRS disclosures are necessary for compliance. A double materiality assessment considers both how a company’s activities may materially impact the environment and society, and considering how sustainability matters may impact the company’s finances. 

Companies in the scope of the CSRD will be required to report on sustainability matters they have deemed material using a double materiality lens.

G&A’s double materiality methodology is an expansion of our proven approach to GRI-based materiality assessments and is designed with external assurance in mind. 

Our analysis will incorporate:

  • Comprehensive desk research to inform a comprehensive list of actual and potential impacts, risks and opportunities associated with the ESRS topics, sub-topics, and sub-sub-topics
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement with a variety of approaches such as research, surveys, interviews, and / or facilitated group workshops
  • Assistance with structuring governance processes and policies for oversight of the double materiality process and decision-making
  • Maintaining proper documentation to support a limited level of assurance of the double materiality process
  • Value chain and stakeholder mapping workshops and development
  • Guidance on determining a materiality threshold and ESRS reporting requirements

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