ESG Investor Engagement

Assistance with engaging important ESG investors to communicate and discuss the companies key sustainability investment story...

  • Facilitated engagement with capital market players focused on sustainable investing
  • Developing and refining ESG messages for financial analysts, asset owners & managers
  • Targeting current and potential shareholders with interest in ESG performance
  • Advice for corporate management in structuring disclosure and reporting to meet expectations and needs of the investment community
  • Educating and coaching corporate management in sustainable investing trends

More on ESG Investor Engagement

Based on our team's broad and deep knowledge of corporate sector ESG performance and sustainability activities, and the rapidly-rising interest in the capital markets in sustainable investing (the two are directly related), we provide advice and effective strategies for developing or enhancing your company's sustainable investing communication strategies and IR marketing tactics.

It's clear:  Publicly-traded companies demonstrating excellence in ESG performance are attracting the attention of key capital market players:  financial analysts; asset owners; asset management firms; index/benchmark creators; other key fiduciaries.   We help companies tell the story of their sustainability journey.

G&A Institute team members have been involved in the sustainable investing arena for three decades.  We understand the nature and complexities of sustainable investing, and continuously interact with key connections in the capital markets.  This includes the long-established players in the "sustainable & responsible investing" ("SRI") community; traditional asset management firms marketing sustainable investing products;

We maintain connections with the growing universe of mainstream investors interested in and adopting strategies for sustainable & responsible investment. We assist analysts and asset managers with engagement with recognized leaders in corporate sustainability.

We assist corporate managers in connecting with financial analysts; asset owners and asset managers; and with investor coalitions. These are powerful forces in the capital markets shaping the future of sustainable investing.  We bring companies and investors together for fruitful dialogue that benefits both parties.  We help organize investor-company meetings.