Sustainability / Responsibility Report Announcement Services

G&A's unique communication channels and our partnership with 3BLMedia's ReportAlert provide global reach to important, influential stakeholder groups…

  • Distribution to generate visibility within the G&A Institute connections worldwide
  • Distribution for your report via powerful 3BL communication networks, worldwide
  • Reach Investors, NGOs, academia, government, media, peers, customers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and more
  • Customized packages available for carefully-targeted distribution

More on Sustainability / Responsibility Report Announcement Services

You've invested considerable time and other resources in preparing the company's sustainability, responsibility, citizenship or similar ESG report. Now is the time for gaining visibility for your efforts in assembling the report to communicate your company's story. Who should see the report? How do you get in front of them to gain their attention?   G&A Institute can help.

Our team can help you get the word out about your report's availability to reach our targeted stakeholders with the right messaging to position your report with key stakeholders. G&A Institute collects, profiles, and build new or stronger connections with leading organizations and sustainability influentials that have a a strong interest in Sustainability and related disclosure and structured reporting.

Our report announcement outreach is visually appealing, and includes the content that call attention to the most material aspects of your report. This value-added service can help to increase recognition of your reporting by important third parties and stakeholders.

Our network reaches 10,000+ contacts, comprised of roughly equal amounts in these stakeholder groupings:

  • SRI-focused institutional Investors and capital market players
  • SRI Data & Analytic Service Providers
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds (owners & managers)
  • US Public Employee Pension Funds
  • NGOs - various categories
  • Media Connections
  • Government / Public Policy
  • Think Tanks
  • Corporate Peers
  • Trade Associations
  • Accounting / Auditing Professionals
  • Standard Setters
  • CSR Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Academics
  • Third Party Rankers/Raters

In addition, through our partnership with 3BL Media we also offer report announcement distribution through the 3BL Report Alert:|

3BL Report Alert Basic Package

  • Dedicated email announcement to a Stakeholder Network of 50,000+ users
  • Your announcement permanently hosted on, and
  • platforms with links, logo, and text
  • Social media promotion via Twitter

3BL Report Alert Standard Package

  • A dedicated email announcement to our Stakeholder Network of 50,000+ users
  • Your announcement permanently hosted on, and with links, logo, and text
  • 100 Global CR & Sustainability websites
  • Inclusion in 3BL Media, CSRwire, Ethical Performance, and Justmeans newsletters to more than 250,000+ recipients
  • Expanded social media promotion to over 200,000 first level followers
  • Top CR & Sustainability news sites including,, Ethical,
  • Mainstream news sites including Reuters, Bloomberg, AP, Google News and Comtex
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics

After the considerable effort by your organization to assemble the sustainability report -- let G&A Institute help you put the report in front the influentials in sustainability & responsibility!