Public Relations / Corporate Communications

External support services to generate broader, ongoing visibility in traditional, new and social media platforms focused on sustainability and corporate responsibility…

  • Media Relations programs with focus on corporate sustainability & responsibility
  • Liaison with growing universe of editors, journalists, commentators on widening range of platforms (print, digital, broadcast, social media)
  • Support for corporate communications programs focused on sustainability
  • Editorial support (writing, editing, other creative services for communications)
  • Providing access to the expanding universe of journalists in a wide range of media who are focusing on sustainability in many types of media platforms

More on Public Relations / Corporate Communications

The definition of "media" has changed dramatically in recent decades.   Newspapers, magazines, broadcast radio & television are still vital platforms for delivery of news and commentary.  Add to the mix:  social media platforms; satellite radio; cable television; and, a growing universe of "citizen" publishing, such as blogs, Twitter posts, list serv discussion chains...and more.  Within this universe a growing number of journalists and commentators are focusing on corporate sustainability, responsibility, sustainable investing, and related topics.  The G&A team maintains relationships with many of these people and organizations and we help clients develop recognition for their sustainability journeys and achievements.

The G&A team members have years of experience in corporate communications, media relations, engagement with editors, writers, producers, authors and others.  We provide clients with services designed to develop broad, ongoing visibility for the client organization’s sustainability and responsibility initiative.

We work with established communication channels and an extensive network of media contacts, including publishing platforms targeting business and financial managers,  investor interests, media stakeholder groups, issue advocates, public sector contacts, and other important sectors of the economy.

G&A Institute’s team relationships include such platforms Bloomberg Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg News, Thomson Reuters, CSR Hub, CSR Wire, Social Funds, SmartPlanet, The Wall Street Journal, Corporate Responsibility, and Directorship, to name some of the familiar brands.

We maintain working relationships with journalists, editors and commentators focused on key topics, including: ESG; corporate sustaianbility; corporate responsibility; environment; energy; corporate finance; regulatory and compliance; investor relations; corporate communications; climate change topics;  "green" marketing; property management; industry; chemicals; and other industry and sector focused publishing platforms. 

Our network of media contacts include "beat" coverage of key areas, including:  corporate responsibility, sustainability, water issues, conservation, sustainable and responsible investing, community investment (also known as impact investment), carbon issues, recycling, and other issues. These program steps are implemented by our team of media relations professionals.

We look for umbrella thematics to develop as the foundation of comprehensive, multi-element communications and positioning campaigns to ideally showcase the sustainability policies, strategies and accomplishments of the client organizations.