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Communications & Marketing Support

Cut through the information clutter to attain greater visibility and recognition - and appreciation of --your unique sustainability journey...

  • Marketing guidance for your sustainability / responsibility strategies, programs, achievements
  • Strategy-setting advice & counsel for engaging with important media players
  • Crafting the story of your sustainability journey
  • Close, continuous support for your internal sustainability team
  • Communications programs to reach your key stakeholder constituencies

More on Communications & Marketing Support

So - is your company getting its share of external recognition, of media coverage, of third party recognition of its progress...and recognition of its achievements in its sustainability journey?  Is your company marketing it sustainability achievements as a competitive advantage?  A differentiation for customer preferences in the sector/industry supply chain? Developing a technology, product or service solution to sustainability issues?

Company managements seek greater recognition for their efforts in advancing corporate sustainability and responsibility and related activities, and effective  messaging, and strategic positioning, are critical tasks in that effort.

G&A can assist your company in systematically developing wider visibility and greater recognition for your company's sustainability disclosure and reporting efforts and accomplishments, including greater third party recognition.

Our support services include targeting of, and communication with key constituencies:

  • The Media/Communications/Publishing Community
  • The Investment Community
  • The Third Party Raters/Rankers Scorecard Community
  • The U.S. and Global Corporate Community
  • Your Supply Chain Partners
  • The Academic Community
  • ...and more

Each customized communications initiative and outreach is tailored to the specific needs of the client organization.  Contact us for more information.

Our Services

G&A services are broken down into three service related categories.