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G&A Institute’s portfolio of services are organized in three main categories designed to meet the needs of our clients.


In the Era of Increased Investor and Stakeholder Expectations Regarding Corporate Sustainability – What We Can Do For You?

Focused Resources and Services: Sustainability – ESG – Corporate Responsibility

Conditions in capital markets are rapidly changing…especially in the ways by which investors and stakeholders perceive, evaluate rate and judge corporations. As capital market participants (and stakeholders) analyze current or potential portfolio holdings, boards and executives of public companies are challenged to meet the rising expectations and demands of asset owners and managers, especially in the area of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

Critical issues in Corporate Accountability, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are front-of-mind concerns for a widening range of internal and external stakeholders: investors, financial analysts, employees, business partners, customers, regulators, company peers, standard setters -- and even industry-wide peers competitors in domestic and global marketplaces.

New capital market players and investment approaches are influencing valuations…corporate reputations…determining capital allocations…shaping the corporation’s license to operate and ability to transact…attract investors and partners…and more.

Welcome to the “new normal” of the markets and the corporate world as this event-filled 21st Century. What’s ahead? What challenges will be posed to you and your enterprise in 2011and beyond? Governance & Accountability Institute team members can help you answer these questions.

The ESG and Sustainability Frameworks for Analysts and Investors

The rapidly-evolving and more broadly deployed frameworks and guidelines constructed on the basis of corporate “ESG” performance and “Sustainability” factors are being implemented by major capital market players and myriad stakeholders to sort corporations into tomorrow’s market winners, laggards and losers. (ESG = key performance indicators for corporate performance on environmental and energy, social issues and corporate governance policies, practices, actions, outcomes, culture, and behaviors.)

Governance & Accountability Institute is a knowledge management center and research-based advisory and consulting organization providing a portfolio of resources and services to corporations to help boards, executives and managers understand, embrace and excel on Sustainability and ESG issues and performance to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. We have adopted an organized Sustainability Headquarters™ approach to service offerings. We serve as our clients’ headquarters for ESG and Sustainability issues.

SustainabilityHQ™ -- The Institute’s premium platform for clients and subscribers -- identifies, monitors and reports on the third party organizations that are re-shaping capital markets and investing. We watch the watchers and monitor the monitors who are busy creating and operating in the new normal of the capital markets and operating environment for the corporate sector.

Our services are designed to help bridge the relationship of corporate and stakeholder, corporate and investment community, to understand, evaluate, address, engage, develop and deploy effective strategies, and resolve knowledge and communication gaps in Sustainability and ESG issues.

The Institute’s staff and network of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and partnering organizations are ready to serve you – contact us for information and confidential consultation. (These are our Fellows, experts in various ESG topic areas.)

In the pages of this web site you will find highlights of our resources and services. For more information, we invite you to contact us at: info@ga-institute.com for details.