On Disclosure of Climate- Related Financial Risk

May 20, 2021

The Biden-Harris Administration “Whole of Government” ap- proach to meeting the many challenges of climate change is wide and deep, and policies, programs, actions taken by the federal government to address “the climate crisis” will affect many companies and business interests.


The details become more clear each day as federal agencies announce the steps they are taken. The Biden White House publishes new Executive Orders on a continuing basis to set out the details of the “official” policies and the directions to a multitude of agencies to take action, redirect or expand programs, develop partnership with state, tribal, regional and local governments.


Government financing and grants are being adjusted as well. And with affects both wide and deep, the acquisition activities of the federal government (largest buyers of goods and services in the USA) are being guided by new “climate crisis” policies.  We bring you more details in this Resource Paper, focused on EO 14030, issued May 20, 2021. 


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