Biden-Harris White House Actions - A G&A Resource Paper

January 29, 2021

Addressing Climate Change Issues Across “The Whole of Government” in the United States


In January 2021, President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled a sweeping set of measures to address the challenges of climate change.  This is a "whole of government" approach with every Cabinet department and the agencies of the Federal government focused on policy, actions, partnerships, financing, and other aspects that will help to define the "climate administration. Every  aspect of daily life in the United States of America is likely to be affected by the climate change agenda. As the details of the initial announcement this week and then the implementation of the President's Executive Orders, the risks and opportunities inherent in the Federal approach will be further understood.  To explain the whole of government approach set out last week in the White House, we have prepared this G&A Institute Resource Paper.


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