European Sustainability Reporting Standards Quick Reference

March 2024

Embark on your CSRD compliance journey with unmatched ease and confidence, thanks to G&A Institute's essential tool for corporate sustainability experts. G&A's meticulously crafted "Quick Reference Guide" will help you master the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

  • Designed to simplify your grasp of ESRS's broad disclosures — this concise guide ensures a smooth experience.
  • Gain immediate access to topline information across all disclosures — just one click on any disclosure icon takes you to the exact ESRS section, revealing detailed requirements and valuable insights.
  • Navigate the complexities of ESRS disclosures with clarity and precision.

G&A Institute's ESRS Quick Reference Guide charts your path to CSRD compliance, illuminating the ESRS's general cross-cutting disclosures, environmental and social topical standards, and the pivotal double materiality assessment disclosures. It encompasses an overview of the phased-in disclosure requirements—strategically devised to afford companies the necessary time to implement robust data collection processes—and provides actionable guidance on addressing omissions in reporting.


Unleash the full potential of your sustainability reporting with G&A Institute's ESRS Quick Reference Guide.


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