Trends Converging! -A 2016 Look Ahead of the Curve

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What’s Ahead for Investment Professional and Corporate Management – Trends That Are Affecting Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable/ESG Investment? 

The seeds of development were charted by author Hank Boerner in 2015 and 2016 and the results are clearly evident in 2017, 2018 and beyond...

Trends Converging! is your guide to positive trends that make the case for continued progress – download and read your complimentary copy of the book.

The important questions hang in the air – what changes are in store for corporate managers and investment professionals as a result of many critical trends emerging that are shaping corporate reputations, brands, freedom to operate, the relationship of investor to companies, in regulatory affairs, stock exchange listing changes…and more, much more?

Hank Boerner, Chairman of G&A Institute, prepared a series of commentaries beginning late in 2015 and early in the year 2016 to “…take a look ahead of the curve on ESG / Sustainability / CR / SRI . Corporate Citizenship trends that were converging.”  

These are the important trends that were looking very positive for corporate sustainability and responsibility managers and investment professionals who are focused on sustainability and related topics & issues.

Many of the trends have fully “blossomed” into powerful forces that affect both the corporate sector and the investment management community, and other areas of society.

In 2017 and into 2018 we did find ourselves at times in a “sea of uncertainty” for certain of the trends (such as the United States participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change) -- and professionals are looking for guidance and accurate information on “where we are.” 

This book – a collection of related essays organized for easy reference and reading –is your with our compliments.  Hank Boerner is a veteran trendspotter and he puts things in perspective in “Trends Converging!”. Complete the form to the right to download your digital copy.


 And do Stay Tuned to G&A Institute – numerous of the commentaries in the book are updated as events warrant.

Updates to the Book: Trends Converging!

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In Chapter 9 of Trends Converging! we focused on: What Does My CEO Make? Why It Matter To Me. The Dodd-Frank legislation of 2010 had a provision that quickly drew criticism in the corporate community -- the law required public... More updates >


Source: Hank Boerner, Trends Converging!

In Chapter 13 of Trends Converging!, we wrote about the moves of President Barack Obama to instill greater sustainability policies and actions by the Federal government in all agencies and departments. President Obama had issued... More updates >


Source: Hank Boerner, Trends Converging! Update

The media headlines were immediately blaring out of Washington DC today as President Donald Trump held forth at the Rose Garden podium, pulling the official support of the United States of America from the multi-nation (190-plus)... More updates >

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