January 22, 2018


We Love “Top 10” Lists Right? So – Who Were The Top 10 Movers & Shakers in Sustainability 2017? Huff Po Has Their List… Who Are Your Nominees?

Huffington Post writer Lauren DeMates has her “Top 10” list up for the 2017 forces that shaped (in her opinion) sustainability.  Guiding her choice: “…many of 2017’s activities were prompted by the unprecedented attack on science and environmental protection by the Trump administration.  However, efforts to counteract the anti-environmental agenda and work towards a more sustainable society have been unprecedented as well...”

And in that context, she identifies the following:

#1 Rogue Federal Employees (standing up for science – the “dark state” Trump criticizes).

#2 Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Earth Guardians (the “global tribe” of inspiring young activists, artists, musicians).

#3 One Million Women (building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis).

#4 Anthony Bourdain (the CNN featured commentator focused on food and travel who created the movie “Wasted” about food waste).

#5 Sub-national Actors Committed to the Paris Agreement (the growing number of cities, states, universities, business leaders pledging to uphold the 2-degrees commitment that the Federal government is working to abandon).

#6 Volvo Cars (after 2019, these will be electric and hybrids, to phase out fossil fuels).

 #7 Lonely Whale (the initiative focused on the plastic waste polluting the oceans).

#8 Bears Ears Tribes (5 Native American tribes in Utah coalescing to stand up to the Federal government to preserve and protect their heritage and land).

#9 Mexico (leading in marine protection with the largest ocean reserve in North America, the infamous gyres).

#10 Climate Optimists (this initiative intends to remind us that hope beats fear – attitude inspires progress). The details shared are “a snapshot” of the many movers and shakers in 2017.  Lauren is a writer-researcher and co-founder of The Sustainability Co-Op, a shared space for guidance on integrating E and S considerations in daily life and understanding the global context in which issues are shaped.

Last week’s Highlights newsletter focused attention on the expansion of the important ISS “QualityScores” for public companies (to include “E” and “S”) by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS). 

There are more details for you, including an interview with Marija Kramer, Head of Responsible Investment Business at ISS. This and more on ISS' expansion of ESG in a complimentary management brief prepared by the G&A Institute team on our new platform – “G&A Institute’s To The Point!". 

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Our Top Story For You...

Top 10 Movers And Shakers In Sustainability – 2017
(Tuesday - January 09, 2018) Source: Huff Post - A whole lot of moving and shaking was going on in 2017! Previous years’ movers and shakers stepped it up and new people and organizations emerged with innovative strategies to take on environmental issues. Many of 2017’s... 


About Sustainability: Progress Is Being Made - We See Forward Momentum! For Your Attention: The Editors' Scans

Sustainability key to lasting success, businesses warned
(Monday - January 08, 2018) Source: Business Irish - A new €1.5m programme aimed at encouraging Irish business to tackle climate change and other sustainability issues will focus on green finance, responsible investment, enterprise innovation and resource efficiency activities.

Business leaders aren’t backing up their promises on sustainable development goals
(Monday - January 08, 2018) Source: The Conversion - It seems there is a gap between what Australian companies publicly state they are doing with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and what they are actually doing.

It will require concerted effort to achieve a sustainable future
(Monday - January 08, 2018) Source: The National - Concerted global efforts are needed to protect our planet from the negative impact of global warming and to ensure a sustainable future. The UAE effectively contributes to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development...

Transparency, Trump and tipping points: The key trends that could define sustainability in 2018
(Wednesday - January 10, 2018) Source: Edie.net - The green economy in 2018 will likely be shaped by a corporate drive to increase disclosure, a "tipping point" for major clean technologies, and a pendulum swing in global sustainability leadership towards the developing world. 

A museum exhibition dedicated to sustainable packaging  
(Wednesday - January 10, 2018) Source: UN Climate Action Programme - Recognizing that sustainability is one of the major challenges for brands and consumers, the Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising in London is launching a new exhibition exploring the latest innovations in sustainable...  

UAE sets world record for ‘Largest Environmental Sustainability Lesson’
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: Gulf News - Abu Dhabi: The Zayed Future Energy Prize on Wednesday earned the UAE a Guinness World Record for the largest number of students participating in an interactive session on environmental sustainability 

Expo 2020 to showcase sustainability plans at ADSW
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: Construction Week - Expo 2020 Dubai will be unveiling details of its plans to stage a sustainable World Expo from delivery to legacy at the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) held from 13 to 20, January, at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi. 

Once upon a time: Why brands need to tell their sustainability story
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Packaging Digest - Like many brand owners these days, you embrace sustainability and leverage it in your marketing strategy to appeal to eco-minded consumers. So how can you extend that halo, as it’s called, through to your packaging?

Why Transparency and Sustainability in Programmatic Matter Now, More Than Ever
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Huff Post - As we look back at a decade of programmatic advertising, it has been and continues to be an inspiring time to be in digital advertising. That’s true even though, this year specifically; we’re witnessing the industry struggling...

What Is Driving Investors’ Interest In Sustainability Reporting?(1)
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Bloomber Tax - sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly more important to investors. I recently had the privilege to talk with Kristen Sullivan, Partner, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory serving as the Sustainability Risk Advisory... 


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Our Focus This Week on A Range of ESG Topics & Issues – More Things to Think About…

Climate change drives collapse in marine food webs
(Wednesday - January 10, 2018) Source: Phys.org - A new study has found that levels of commercial fish stocks could be harmed as rising sea temperatures affect their source of food. 

In 2018, expect ‘clean energy’ to be cheap energy
(Wednesday - January 10, 2018) Source: The Hill - The central fact that will drive the energy industry worldwide in 2018, profoundly affecting businesses, consumers and policymakers, is that “clean energy” is now “cheap energy.”

Incorporation of ESG Factors Into Institutional Investor Decisions Leveled Off
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: Plan Sponsor - Adoption rates of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into the investment decision-making process among institutional investors has leveled off, according to the Callan 2017 ESG survey.

First Amendment Goose Bumps
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Larry Checco, featured commentator - When Katherine Graham gave Ben Bradley the go-ahead to publish the Pentagon Papers, I got goose bumps. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go see Steven Spielberg’s new movie, The Post.


News for You From the Corporate Sector -Both Positive & Negative - Headlines 

Sustainability Program Addresses Pharma Manufacturing Waste
(Tuesday - January 09, 2018) Source: PharmTech.com - AptarGroup’s Landfill Free Certification program addresses the issue of waste production from pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by prompting its facilities to reduce and reuse operation waste. 

L'Oréal Recognized as Most Sustainable Company in Newsweek's 2017 Global 500 Green Rankings
(Tuesday - January 09, 2018) Source: PR Newswire - L'Oréal announced today that it has been recognized for its worldwide leadership in sustainability, ranking as the top performing global company and best performing personal products company on Newsweek's 2017 Global 500 Green... 

Walmart boosts starting pay, closing dozens of Sam's Clubs
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: ABC News

GM is seeking approval for an autonomous car that has no steering wheel or pedals  
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: CNBC -

Fiat Chrysler will invest $1B in Warren Truck plant; bring Ram work back from Mexico
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Detroit Free Press 

Fiat Chrysler to Give U.S. Workers $2,000 Bonuses After Tax Bill
(Friday - January 12, 2018) Source: Bloomberg 

Ford, Bosch named in diesel emissions cheating lawsuit
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: CNET

McDonald’s Agrees to Global Phase-Out of Polystyrene Packaging; As You Sow Claims Credit
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: Environmental Leader

Ford Called Out for Undermining Fuel Standards While Promoting Sustainability  
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: Triple Pundit

L.L. Bean Latest to Join Cotton Leads Sustainability Program
(Wednesday - January 10, 2018) Source: Sourcing Journal

Takata air bag recall expands by 3.3 million
(Monday - January 08, 2018) Source: USA Today


News & Opinion: Asset Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds

New York City Sues Five Oil Companies, Including Shell, ExxonMobil, Over Climate Change Impact
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Source: NASDAQ - New York City has filed a lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell ( RDS.A ), BP ( BP ), Chevron ( CVX ), ConocoPhillips ( COP ) and ExxonMobil ( XOM ) over their impact on global warming. The city also said it plans to divest its funds... 
Also of interest…

Saudi Arabia's CMA amends rules to make foreign access to local stock market easier
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Associated Profiles : Invest AD Source: The National - “This easing of requirements for foreign investors to qualify as QFI’s is certainly a welcome move and is part of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing capital market reform process, said Sachin Mohindra, a portfolio manager... 

Goldman Wins $2B Assignment from NY Pension Fund
(Thursday - January 11, 2018) Associated Profiles : South Carolina Retirement Systems  Source: Yahoo Singapore Finance - Goldman has entered into similar ventures in the past. In 2008, the company’s investment management wing penned a $1.5 billion partnership with South Carolina Retirement Systems while in 2010 it inked a $500 million...



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INVESTORS AND THE SDGS — AND YOUR COMPANY. How Are Investors Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Evaluate the Performance of Public Companies?

CAUTIONARY NOTES FOR SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGERS & Others Involved in Global Sourcing & Partnerships (Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Conditions Raise Reputational Risks




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