The National Geographic Can Have A Major Influence On Its Global Audience With Coverage Like This: Climate Change's Hidden Costs

The National Geographic Can Have A Major Influence On Its Global Audience With Coverage Like This:
Climate Change's Hidden Costs

The National Geographic Society made its debut as a publishing force in 1888, introducing the natural world and faraway places to generation-after-generation, at first through the familiar yellow cover magazine (the "journal"), then on through broadcast and cable television programming, a web site, and movies.  (Remember "March of the Penguins"?)

And always, through the decades, the NG staff and contributors have kept up-to-date with world and domestic "happenings," including wonderful places to visit and introductions to far-off cultures, explanations of geography and natural science, archeology and history -- as well as reportage on serious storms, wars, civil unrest, droughts, famines, and other important touchstones of shared content to expand our personal knowledge. 

NG through its communication channels reaches tens of millions of people worldwide.  And today the NG is focused on another hot topic:  climate change, and the costs (which run into the hundreds of billions of US dollars, according a report by the Universal Ecological Fund -- "The Economic Case for Climate Action in the United States."

Key assertion of the study:  Extreme weather has cost the U.S. economy at least US$240 billion a year over the past 10 years!

The study authors point out that big storms lower the long-run growth rate of the U.S. economy and that economic and human impacts ripple through the country for us for decades. (New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is an example they shared.)  Crop yields are down US$56 billion since 2012 due to climate-related losses (drought). 

NG shares a compelling chart showing numerous "billion dollar" weather disasters that have been increasing in recent years (due to drought, heat wave, wildfire, flood, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, etc).  There's an accompanying video featuring Bill Nye, "The Science Guy".  NG provides links to other articles, photos of Hurricane Harvey's destruction, and a video, "Climate 101 - Renewable Energy."

A number of experts contributed to the NG presentation, including report co-authors Sir Robert Watson, director of the UK's Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research, and Ryan Wiser, senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Amir Jina, University of Chicago; John Tomanio and Riley D. Champine, NG staff members; Adam Smith, National Climatic Data Center and colleague Jeff Masters, Weather Underground, at the Center.  The article author is Stephen Leahy.

Our Top Story makes a compelling case for action now! on climate change challenges and will be an oft-quoted source (we believe) for pushing back on climate change deniers.

Top Stories This Week...

Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year
(Friday - September 29, 2017) 
Source: National Geographic - A new report warns of a high price tag on the impacts of global warming, from storm damage to health costs. But solutions can provide better value, the authors say. 


About Sustainability: Progress Is Being Made
- We See Forward Momentum!

Green building certification: The sustainability movement’s secret weapon
(Monday - September 25, 2017) 
Source: ECO-Business - If the warming of the planet is to be kept below the two-degree Celsius limit enshrined in the 2015 Paris climate accord, the sector will have to cut carbon emissions drastically, peak them by 2020, and achieve “net zero carbon”... 

We must accelerate transitions for sustainability and climate change, experts say
(Monday - September 25, 2017) 
Source: Science Daily - We must move faster towards a low-carbon world if we are to limit global warming to 2oC this century, experts have warned. 

Dow Jones Sustainability Index is Unsustainable for Communities
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017) 
Source: EarthWorks - Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) recently announced its list evaluating the sustainability performance of the largest 2,500 companies listed on the Dow Jones Stock Market Index.

Taking Stock of Sustainability: The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100, IBEX 35 and CAC 40
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017) 
Source: Carbon-clear,com - Today Carbon Clear publishes the results of the 2017 Sustainability Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100, IBEX 35 and CAC 40. The report highlights trends and leadership in environmental sustainability within Europe’s largest...  

The sustainability movement confronts its 'lean in' moment
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017) 
Source: GreenBiz - If your sustainability team doesn't include someone with regulatory or policy experience — or who is aware of the spectrum of socioeconomic issues dividing many communities — it's time to start lobbying for change. 

From corporate giants, models to scale sustainability
(Tuesday, September 26, 20170
Source: Green Biz - When Walmart jumped into the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in September 2005, the giant retailer gained not only a shiny corporate image, but its leadership also learned how to quickly scale up a new initiative, which they... 

3 Ways the UN Can Keep Cities at the Center of Sustainability Goals
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017) 
Source: Next City - The 21st century presents us with two new and accelerating challenges: climate change and mass urbanization. The good news is they are connected in ways that solving for both can enhance our future and shape better lives for all. 

UNC improves sustainability through new initiatives
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017) 
Source: Daily Tarheal - Marking the first anniversary of Chancellor Carol Folt’s Three Zeros Environmental Initiative, sustainability at UNC has flourished through efforts to refocus goals of net zero waste to landfills, zero greenhouse gas emissions... 

Consumer sustainability demands driving manufacturer changes, report finds
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017) 
Source: Supermarket News - Food and beverage manufactures are changing or adding products based on consumer sustainability concerns, with 77% reporting that they’ve made modifications to their offerings, a recent survey has found. 

Sustainable Travel Can Be Budget-Friendly
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017) 
Source: NY Times Travel - A study shows that 65 percent of travelers intend to seek out green accommodation in 2017 — nearly double that of the previous year. 

Speak to Your Investor’s Sustainable Urge
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017) 
Source: Huff Post - There’s a bit of a disconnect between how executives and investors view sustainability strategies. While three-quarters of investors think sustainability performance should be considered in investment decisions, executives... 

Healthcare Wants More Sustainability Strategies, J&J Finds
(Thursday - September 28, 2017) 
Source: Environmental Leader - There is a growing demand for sustainability strategies in the healthcare ecosystem among US health system executives and operating room clinicians, according to a new Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) survey.  

New report sets the pathway for business sustainability
(Thursday - September 28, 2017) 
Source: UN Climate Action Programm - Global asset management company UBS recently published a white paper called ‘Business with impact’, suggesting corporations ways to incorporate sustainability targets to generate both financial and social returns. 

To chart the course of sustainability, grab the right map
(Friday - September 29, 2017) 
Source: GreenBiz - It was a uniquely candid moment. My client, a director at a Fortune 500 company, interrupted our meeting to ask, "So, when will we get there? When will we be officially sustainable?" We were in the early stages of his company’s... 

Our Focus This Week on A Range of ESG Topics & Issues -- Things to Think About...

Researchers develop submerged turbines to convert the power of ocean waves into energy
(Monday - September 25, 2017) 
Source: Gear Soft Biz - Researchers develop submerged turbines to convert the power of ocean waves into clean and affordable energy 

New Study Found Plastic in the Most Unlikely Region of the World – We Need to Make a Change
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017) 
Source: onegreen - Scientists from the UK have made an astounding discovery – during an expedition, the team found plastic pollution on remote ice floes in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The findings once again underline how far plastic waste... 

Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, offering climate hope
(Thursday - September 28, 2017) 
Source: The Guardian - Global emissions of climate-warming carbon dioxide remained static in 2016, a welcome sign that the world is making at least some progress in the battle against global warming by halting the long-term rising trend.

How Businesses Are Reducing Their Energy Costs and Building Resilience
(Friday - September 29, 2017) 
Source: Harvard Business Review - Business leaders have significant concerns about energy. A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, sponsored by Siemens in conjunction with a national series of seminars focused on energy innovation, found that... 


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Headlines for You From the Corporate Sector -Both Positive & Negative

Notice how cyber security has evolved into one of the key ESG factors for investors and stakeholders.

Josh Shapiro: The many layers of Equifax's corporate malfeasance | Opinion
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017 - Source:

Twitter Blasted for 'Inadequate' Response to Suspicious Activity During Election
(Friday - September 29, 2017 -Source: Bloomberg)

Microsoft C.E.O. Says Tech’s Progress on Gender Equality Is ‘Not Sufficient’
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017 - Source: New York Times)

Ford becomes the latest automotive giant to work with Lyft on self-driving cars
(Wednesday - September 27, 2017 - Source: Techcrunch)

VW's Diesel Woes Reach $30 Billion After Surprise U.S. Hit
(Friday - September 29, 2017 - Source: Bloomberg)

Wells Fargo: The Declines Are Over
(Monday - September 25, 2017 - Source: Seeking Alpha)

News & Opinion: Asset Managers, US Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Public and private finance leaders discussed low carbon investment in New York
(Monday - September 25, 2017 - Source: Climate Action)

Global sovereign wealth funds may invest $185 billion in real estate by 2020, Knight Frank says
(Monday - September 25, 2017 - Source: The National)


Trump Administration News / Affecting Directions on Governance & ESG

FDA conducts major global operation to protect consumers from potentially dangerous prescription drugs sold online
(Tuesday - September 26, 2017 - Source: FDA)


Hurricane Harvey - The Bigger Picture

Facebook is sending its connectivity team to help Puerto Rico get back online
(Thursday - September 28, 2017 - Source: The Verge)

Royal Caribbean sends cruise ship to help evacuate people from Puerto Rico
(Thursday - September 28, 2017 - Source: WNEP)




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