DJSI Results Announced -- Are You In / Out? Attend Our Workshop in Collaboration with RobecoSAM in New York City on October 24th

DJSI Results Announced -- Are You In / Out?
Attend Our Workshop in Collaboration with RobecoSAM in New York City on October 24th

Many corporations that endeavor to be sustainable become a bit nervous as we pass Labor Day in the USA.  The rebalancing of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes is traditionally announced at that time.  Is my company in?  Out?  Increasingly, CEOs and other C-suite execs and board members (as well as numerous managers) are holding "membership" in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in very high regard.

On September 7, 2017, the results were announced in Switzerland by RobecoSAM (the creators and managers of the DJSI) and S&P Dow Jones Indices (owners of the intellectual property and one of the world's leading index providers).

Among the many new companies added to the Indices, three were announced in the official press release, Samsung Electronics, Ltd; BAT (British American Tobacco plc); and, ASML Holding NV.  And among the many unfortunate companies dropped from the index, the three mentioned in the release included Enbridge Inc; Reckitt Benckiser Group plc; and, Rio Tinto plc.

The DJSI were launched in 1999, and over time became the "gold standard" for corporate sustainability indexes.

Every year select corporations are invited to respond the company's Corporate Sustainability Assessment ("CSA") -- a rigorous, rules-based online process for company managements' response efforts. There are about 600 data points per company that is organized into one overall score. Certain criterion (topic sub-sections of the CSA) are added for specific sectors based on materiality, and each sector has different scoring weights applied to the various criterion based on how material they are to the sector.  (Note that the G&A Institute team assists client organizations in their response efforts each year.)

This year, the CSA assessed "Policy Influence" for the first time -- assessing public companies' lobbying activities.  And the Impact Measurement & Valuation Criteria were expanded to just about all industries. RobecoSAM sees Policy influence as a material issue for investors, especially in such countries as those where the revenues of public companies may exceed the GDP of that country. 

RobecoSAM acknowledges that companies are aware of the need to "understand environmental and social profits and losses, but less than 10% have a viable valuation approach in place to provide detailed insights into potential E and S financial impacts."

A special all-day workshop is being offered to corporate managers, presented by G&A Institute in collaboration with RobecoSAM in New York City on Tuesday, October 24th at Baruch College/CUNY:

Demystifying The Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) & The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)
Focused on Assessment Questions for
Human Rights, Human Capital & Supply Chain

Click here for more information and to register.

Highlights of the Workshop:  The aim of this workshop is to increase the participants’ knowledge and obtain advice on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) -- in this session, specifically on selected criteria including Human Rights, Supply Chain, and Human Capital. 

Representatives from high-scoring CSA-responding companies including 3M and Citi will share their perspectives and experience in crafting responses to the CSA.

Participants will also learn how institutional investors are utilizing data from the CSA and ESG data into their investment decision-making with a special guest from Bloomberg LLC. 

Participants can expect to take away a deeper understanding of:

  • The DJSI 2017 – results, lessons, outlook.
  • Effective approaches to assessing established and emerging sustainability topics in the CSA.
  • Rationale, the business case, performance, and results from last year's assessment, and learn more about major challenges for companies, especially in the CSA Criteria of Human Rights, Human Capital, and Supply Chain.
  • How institutional investors/fiduciaries are utilizing ESG data.

Early bird pricing is open through September 30th. Get more details and register at:

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Commentary: Five ways to ramp up supply chain sustainability
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L'Oréal’s Holistic Sustainability Approach Bringing It Closer to ‘Sharing Beauty with All’
(Tuesday - September 05, 2017) 
Source: Sustainable Brands - L'Oréal has significant goals when it comes to corporate sustainability, such as zero deforestation and a 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020. But the cosmetic giant believes it can also play a key role in influencing... 

Mars to invest around $1 billion in sustainability plan
(Wednesday - September 06, 2017) 
Source: CNBC - While many businesses have been working on becoming more sustainable, the current level of progress is nowhere near enough, according to the CEO of Mars. 

Beneo boss: “Sustainability is part of our DNA”
(Tuesday - September 05, 2017) 
Source: Food Navigator - Sustainability has always underpinned the way Beneo does business from ingredient sourcing to investing in greener factories, according to its executive board member.

Tyson to build $320 million poultry processing plant in northeast Kansas, generate 1,600 jobs
(Wednesday - September 06, 2017) 
Source: CJON online - State and local government leaders divulged details Tuesday of a $320 million Tyson Foods chicken processing plant to be constructed in Leavenworth County that could generate 1,600 jobs in northeast Kansas after... 

Report: Drug company faked cancer patients to sell drug
(Thursday - September 07, 2017) 
Source: CNN - When Insys Therapeutics got approval to sell an ultra-powerful opioid for cancer patients with acute pain in 2012, it soon discovered a problem: finding enough cancer patients to use the drug.

Wells Fargo accused of forcing mortgage applicants to pay unwarranted fees
(Thursday - September 07, 2017) 
Source: Washington Post - Wells Fargo, the controversy-battered big bank, has a new problem — this one directly affecting mortgage applicants. Last week, a first-time home buyer filed a class-action suit against the company, alleging widespread abuse of a... 

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Witnesses to alleged looting of 1MDB funds are too scared to talk: FBI
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CalSTRS Risks Losing Money if It Divests from Fossil Fuels
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Hurricane Harvey - The Bigger Picture

Climate, Power, Money And Sorrow: Lessons Of Hurricane Harvey
(Thursday - September 07, 2017) 
Source: NPR - But in the wake of Hurricane Harvey we can now see what climate change is really about. It was never about clever arguments but, instead, something much more elemental: power, money and human suffering. 

In Texas, Concerns About Damage To Flooded Toxic Waste Sites
(Tuesday - September 05, 2017) 
Source: NPR - Officials are still trying to confirm whether Texas floodwaters have spread contamination from decades-old toxic waste sites, as water recedes and residents return to homes that, in some cases, were flooded with water that passed... 

5 Clear Ways To Understand Hurricane Irma's Record-Breaking Power
(Wednesday - September 06, 2017) 
Source: Forbes - While flood waters still stand in Houston, another dangerous storm - Hurricane Irma - is on a track toward the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and perhaps Florida, according to multiple models. 



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