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Important Group of Investor ESG Rankers Expands to a Significant Player - ISS - Traditional Governance Focus Expanding to Encompass E&S -ESG QualityScores for 1,500 Public Companies Coming in January… (Sustainability Highlights I 01.10.2018)

January 11, 2018 Issue

A significant new player is now entering the mix of the growing number of organizations providing institutional investors with ESG rankings and data. At G&A Institute, we've been tracking the growth of these organizations (such... Read full issue >

2017’s Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories – HBR Author Andrew Winston Weighs In – What Are Your Top 2017 Stories?

January 7, 2018 Issue

Once again, the authoritative Harvard Business Review weighs in on corporate sustainability with a commentary piece on the top trends of 2017 – with “big leaps both forward and backward” in the year just concluded. And there was... Read full issue >

We Are Far Now From Milton Friedman’s Prevailing View on CSR in 1970 – Companies Are Showing The Way – Here Are 5 Examples

December 21, 2017 Issue

The stage was set in 1970 by Professor Milton Friedman, who wrote in a New York Times Magazine essay: The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits. He famously said in conclusion: “here is one and only one... Read full issue >

Harvard Business Review – Increased Focus on Corporate Sustainability, Convening CEOs for Critical Conversations on the Theme

December 17, 2017 Issue

Harvard Business Review – Increased Focus on Corporate Sustainability, Convening CEOs for Critical Conversations on the Theme Harvard Business Review is one of the most powerful of external influences for the corporate... Read full issue >

North Sea Oil & Gas - Fueling Great Accumulations of Wealth for the Long-Term Benefit of Norway's Future Generations

December 7, 2017 Issue

The foundation for the significant progress made in so many spheres of society in the 20th Century was...Oil! The oil-producing nations of the world amassed great wealth with the marketing of oil and petroleum-derived products;... Read full issue >

Seven Important Trends From Textile Exchange Conference Summed Up: The Industry Gets It on Sustainability

November 16, 2017 Issue

"Sustainability is front and center in the apparel sector" -- so writes Tara Donaldson in the November 5th feature story in the Sourcing Journal in covering the Textile Sustainability Conference in October. Seven major trends... Read full issue >

All Together Now -- Industries, Sectors & Professional Groups See Collective Efforts As The Way Forward for Managing Sustainability Issues

November 9, 2017 Issue

There is encouraging news as corporate executives, managers and a range of professionals get together to address the risks and opportunities inherent in sustainability matters that could affect a particular industry, sector or... Read full issue >

John Elkington Presents: "6 Ways For Business Leaders To Talk About Sustainability" in the Sustainability / Strategies Series From the Influential Harvard Business Review

October 28, 2017 Issue

"The" voice of authority for many board members and C-suite executives is The Harvard Business Review. Sustainability pioneer and influential thought leader John Elkington in the current "HBR" talks about the practice of "issues... Read full issue >

Morningstar Now Informs Investors About ESG/Sustainable Mutual Funds -- And The Good News Is That ESG Funds' AUM Continues to Grow

October 23, 2017 Issue

The authoritative voice for many investors on the always expanding mutual fund universe is the Chicago-based Morningstar organization. The company tracks mutual fund's in- and outflows, performance, focus and other aspects of... Read full issue >

The Global Aviation Industry, Carbon Emissions and Other Sustainability Issues in Focus

October 12, 2017 Issue

Wondering about carbon emissions "contributed" by the global airline industry? One of the industry's leading publishers, Air Transport Action Group, cites the following:

Worldwide, flights produced 781 million tonnes of CO2 in... Read full issue >

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