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Millennials and Sustainable / Responsible / Impact Investing -- A New Force To Be Reckoned With!

August 25, 2017 Issue

We Americans are fond of putting specific age cohorts in neatly assembled descriptors -- the Silent Generation; the Greatest Generation; the Baby Boom Generation; Gen X and Gen Y.


Now in focus: The Millennial Generation, fast... Read full issue >

Corporate Competitiveness -- An Important Consideration for Board & C-Suite, Including the CFO -- Here's Important News From Accenture

August 18, 2017 Issue

Is corporate growth and profitability "hard wired" to sustainability and trust? Important question! The answer (a declarative "yes") was advanced by Mark Pearson and Bill Theofilou, of the Accenture consulting firm, in a recent... Read full issue >

Of Prime Concern to Many Companies: Water! Will Corporate Advertising Claims “Around” The Water Issue Click With Customers?

August 14, 2017 Issue

California....Water: The place name and the liquid substance are interconnected in the minds of sustaianbility professionals thinking about climate change and the effects that we are already seeing in the American landscape.... Read full issue >

Broadening Activism Among Institutional Investor Classes on ESG Issues - Here to Stay, Says Proxy Advisor CEO

August 4, 2017 Issue

"Operating under the radar" -- that is, various categories of institutional investors getting active in the "investor activist" game? Bruce Goldfarb, CEO of Okapi Partners, describes a sea change that he sees that is underway,... Read full issue >

Using The GRI Standard For Sustainability Reporting Leads To Higher Quality Reports -G&A Analysis Shows

August 1, 2017 Issue

The S&P 500 (R) universe of large-cap companies is the most widely used gauge for investors of large-cap U.S. corporate entities. There is more than US$7 trillion investments benchmarked to the S&P 500, with index assets of... Read full issue >

The Cities & States of the USA Move Ahead on Climate Change -- Mayors & Governors, Leaders in Addressing Challenges & Providing Solutions

July 21, 2017 Issue

We've been sharing news and perspectives on recent developments in l'affaires climate change, with the US government [at the Federal level] abandoning the landmark Paris Agreement (the COP 21 accomplishments, with almost 200... Read full issue >

Where Are We Now With Climate Change Solutions After the G20 Meeting and the Trump White House Abandonment of COP 21/Paris Agreement?

July 18, 2017 Issue

All eyes were on Hamburg, Germany last week as the leaders of the "G20" nations** gathered. High on the agenda was climate change and sustainable development. Mixed messages came out of the gathering, but as Jens-Peter Saul... Read full issue >

GRI -The World's Standard for Sustainability Reporting -CEO Tim Mohin Is Six Months Into the Job

July 7, 2017 Issue

The GRI framework for corporate, institutional and organizational sustainability reporting has been in place since 1999-2000. Since those early days (when a handful of organizations published sustainability reports), the... Read full issue >

Are You Still In? The President May Not Be On Board -- But These 2,000 U.S. Organization's Leaders Are Still Are!

June 30, 2017 Issue

As the President of the United States began the laborious process of reneging on the historic global agreement to address the challenges of climate change reached in Paris at the COP 21 meetings in 2015, the reaction inside the... Read full issue >

Corporate Sustainability Disclosure – On the Rise But Does the Disclosure Address What Investors Seeking?

June 28, 2017 Issue

The good news is that more public company managements are involved in, and approving, broader disclosure on sustainability information. There are widely-accepted frameworks in place to help boards and managements better... Read full issue >

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