May 14, 2019


Today, We Have Corporate Comparisons Galore - The Institutional Investor Has Access to Volumes of ESG Data Sets & Information - Where Can Others Find Scores, Rankings and Ratings of Public Companies?

These days the comparisons of companies in sectors and industries and among investment peers (those companies chasing similar sources of capital) are continuing to gain momentum.  There are numerous third party players busily analyzing, measuring and charting company ESG performance and producing scores, rankings, ratings and various kinds of comparisons (company-to-company, company to industry etc) for their investor-clients (asset owners and managers).

Companies typically get to see how they are doing when they inspect their ESG service provider profiles…but those data and information sets are not always publicly available.

So how should the person without access to the major ESG service providers’ confidential output understand where the public company sits in the views of the analysts (at least the highlights, such as scores assigned)?  Slowly but steadily some of the volumes of information provided to investor clients by the major ESG ratings agencies are making their way into public view.  For example, you can see a public company’s Sustainalytics highlights on Yahoo Finance. For Apple Inc. / NASDAQ: AAPL “ESG Total Score” information, click here.

Our colleagues at CSR Hub® share a number of Ratings & Rankings and other CSR and ESG highlights on their web site and their “ESG Hub” information (which is available on the Bloomberg Terminal®)  CSR Hub is at:

Now a neat presentation comes our way from Visual Capital, authored by Jenna Ross.  This is a mapping of “The Countries with the Most Sustainable Corporate Giants”.  Remember BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s letter to corporate CEOs urging them to serve a social purpose to deliver not only financial performance but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society?  Following that theme, Corporate Knights “2019 Global 100 Report” data and ranking of the “most sustainable corporations in the world” is presented in visualization format.

Corporate Knights scores companies on a mix of metrics after screening for those with at least US$1 billion in revenues and sufficient sustainability reporting:  resource management; employee (or human capital) management; financial management; “clean” revenue; supplier performance.  The United States comes out at the top of the charting with 22 of the 100 companies on the list, followed by France (11), Japan (8), Finland and United Kingdom 7), and Canada (6).  No company in China or India made the list. Of the “Top 10-star players” only one is from the USA – the REIT Prologis Inc.  Denmark has two companies; the rest are one-off listings from other countries.

Author Jenna Ross sums up: “It’s clear that sustainability is a strong differentiator in the business community.  The world’s largest – and smartest – companies are leading the charge towards a greener, more equitable future.”  We think you’ll find the charting of the Global 100 fascinating and very useful – and there are many other clever and useful visual presentations on the web site.  Check out our Top Story for this week.

This Week's Top Stories

Mapped: The Countries With the Most Sustainable Corporate Giants   
(Wednesday - May 08, 2019) Source: Visual Capitalist - Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. 

Global Sustainability: Continuing Forward Momentum!

Less is More: Can Sustainability And Profit Co-Exist?   
(Monday - May 06, 2019) Source: Jing Daily - Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries. Last year, the British luxury brand Burberry allegedly burned more than $37.6 million of its own unsold merchandise to prevent it from being sold at bargain basement prices. This..

16 Sustainable Brands the Coolest Stylist in NYC Told Me About   
(Wednesday - May 08, 2019) Source: Who What Wear - When someone uses the phrase "sustainable fashion", what comes to mind first? If what initially pops into your head is a far cry from what you'd be teeming with excitement to wear, well, you're definitely not alone there. 

A New Crop of LA Denim Brands Is Making Sustainability “California Cool”   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Sourcing Journal - The peace and love state that has fueled conscious living trends for decades can now tout denim sustainability as its new cause du jour. 

A blizzard of “sustainability” labels   
(Wednesday - May 08, 2019) Source: Knowable Magazine - The idea of sustainable economic development was first proposed in the 1980s, when a commission established by the United Nations concluded that human activities were exhausting natural resources and launched efforts to tackle... 

Better evidence needed on Mondel?z cocoa sustainability commitment: analyst   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Food Navigator - The commitment by Mondel?z International to use 100% sustainable cocoa makes business sense -- but it now it needs to demonstrate it can truly improve people’s lives and the planet, says one analyst. 

Wrangler Digs into Science for Sustainable Cotton Sourcing: Q&A with Roian Atwood   
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: Environmental Leader


Global Sustainability: Continuing Forward Momentum!

How to Build Sustainable Megacities of the Future?   
 (Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Interesting Engineering - The trend of people relocating to the megacities and urban centers has altogether led to a different set of demands. There are 33 megacities and approximately 54% of the world’s population live in urban areas, which is likely to...

California’s Farmers Are Aging, Creating Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Times of San Diego - As a generational wave of farmers in California enters retirement age, these growers and ranchers face difficult choices about what to do with their farms and how to support themselves as they age. 

Areas to Target in a Business Sustainability Plan   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: - It has never been more critical for businesses to become as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible than it is now. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the planet going forward. Therefore, the need for... 

How to Switch to Renewable, Sustainable Energy in Connecticut   
(Wednesday - May 08, 2019) Source: NBC - Here's how Connecticut residents can stop relying on fossil fuels to power their homes and switch to sustainable energy sources. 

A message for all sustainability believers: Take a hard look from the outside  
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: GreenBiz - According to emerging research, investors are "finally" catching onto the importance of using ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to inform their investment decisions. 

Tapping Creativity And Culture To Address Sustainability Challenges   
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: Forbes - As we are reminded by this week’s alarming United Nations report on biodiversity loss, sustainability challenges pose an increasingly urgent threat. But we are also reminded through careful research and skillful youth activism... 

Walmart makes sustainability gains   
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: Chainstorage - In its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, Walmart said it reduced scopes 1 and 2 annual greenhouse gas emissions by 6.1% in 2017 compared to 2015 levels. Walmart also said it has made advancements in its... 

New Generation of Sustainability Leaders Finds Inspiration from Unlikely Industrialist   
(Friday - May 10, 2019) Source: CSR Wire - Over the course of his lifetime Ray C. Anderson enjoyed great business success and became the unlikely leader of the green business movement when, at the age of 60, he had an epiphany that changed the course of his life and that...

On Stoicism and Sustainability   
(Friday - May 10, 2019) Source: Treehuggar - I suggested that the good life in the 21st century necessarily entails sustainable development. After all, how easy is it to enjoy a life worth living if our water is contaminated, our air is polluted and our last remaining green...


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Quick Scan of the Headlines:
ESG Topics & Front of Mind Issues

As Sea Levels Rise, Expect More Floods   
(Monday - May 06, 2019)  Source: Eos

1 Million Animal And Plant Species Are At Risk Of Extinction, U.N. Report Says   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: NPR 

Why Millennials Are Facing Financial Struggles We've Never Seen Before
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Forbes 

Britain Just Went a Week Without Coal For the First Time in 137 Years
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: Gizmodo 

Powell: 'Crucial' U.S. Restore Health of Middle Class, Pathways to It   
(Friday - May 10, 2019) Source: Reuters

Headlines From the Corporate Sector

Tyson Recalls Nearly 12M Pounds of Chicken   
(Sunday - May 05, 2019)  Source: CBS News on

BofA Ranks Last in New England in Customer Survey   
(Monday - May 06, 2019)  Source: The Business Journals

Walmart Names Global Food Safety VP   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: Supermarket News

Amazon can Already Ship to 72% of US Population within a Day, this Map Shows   
(Tuesday - May 07, 2019) Source: CNBC

Tesla Motors' Dirty Little Secret Is a Major Problem   
(Wednesday - May 08, 2019)  

Walmart Says it Pays an Average Hourly Wage that's Double the Federal Minimum   
(Thursday - May 09, 2019) Source: Yahoo Finance

Ford Shareholders Air Grievances to Management   
(Friday - May 10, 2019) Source: Yahoo Finance

Ford Faces $4 Billion Lawsuit for Allegedly Lying About Faulty Transmissions
(Friday - May 10, 2019) Source: Jalopnik


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