April 26, 2018


A U.S. Corporate Leader Shares His Thoughts on Sustainability – EDF’s Fred Krupp Interviews Tom Linebarger of Diesel-Maker Cummins Inc.

Fred Krupp is head of the two-million-member Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading global not-for-profit that creates “transformational solutions” to address environmental problems by linking economics, law, science and innovative private-sector partnerships.  Since the mid-1980s he has been a very vocal thought leader, activist, and champion for change on various climate change issues, striving to use the power of the marketplace to protect the global environment.

Krupp has worked with many business leaders over the years and characterizes Tom Linebarger – Chair and CEO of Cummins, Inc. (diesel engine manufacturing) – as one of the forward-thinkers on sustainability and environmental innovation.  Krupp interviewed the CEO for Forbes, our Top Story for this issue.

Cummins Inc. has publicly committed to set science-based targets for reducing GHG emission across the company’s supply chain, which would help to address stakeholder concerns and help contribute to the future well-being of communities in which the company operates.

Cummins’ innovation efforts will also help to make a difference in terms of the company’s products (such as vehicle and stationary engines), its facilities and the supply chain.  Diesel power is central to the progress of the economy, says Linebarger, moving vast amounts of products and supplying power just about everywhere -- and is a factor in driving wealth creation.  While doing this, the Cummins’ products also impact the environment and so the intense focus on corporate sustainability for the company.

Here are some welcome words for us in the Trump/Pruitt era of tearing up environmental rules and regulations and denying the impacts of climate change:  “Regulations play an important role in protecting the environment, and we’ve worked to make sure we’re a positive contributor to the effort,” the CEO explains. Cummins also pushes industry peers and its suppliers to support tough, clear, science-based, enforceable regulations that are good for the industry.

Also, welcome to other champions of corporate sustainability – this making the business case statement:  

“There’s no question that our focus on environmental innovation and leadership has caused our company to grow, to become more profitable, and to increase our appeal with big companies that would like to partner with us because of our leading technologies.”

Cummins (NYSE: CMI) is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana; the company designs manufactures, sells and services diesel and natural gas power engines; and, alternative-fueled electrical generates sets, “emission solutions”, and components for electronics and fuel systems. The company has 58,600 employees and serves customers in 190 countries – sales are US$20 billion (2017).

Disclosure:  The G&A Institute team members were instrumental in 2000 in assisting diesel power and vehicle manufacturers in organizing the [not-for-profit] Diesel Technology Forum, a not-for-profit advocacy dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of clean diesel engines, fuels and technologies.  Cummins was instrumental in the concept of and the founding of DTF and over the years since has been active in advancing the mission. Our former colleague Allen R. Schaeffer is the organization’s Executive Director.

You’ll want to read and share our Top Story this week with very encouraging comments about sustainability from a respected U.S. corporate sector leader.

Top Stories

Cummins CEO Says Innovation, Sustainability, And Regulations Are Good For Business  
(Thursday - April 19, 2018) Source: Forbes - As head of the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world, Tom has set lofty environmental goals for Cummins, including cutting energy intensity from company facilities by a third by 2020. 


Sustainability: Forward Momentum! For Your Attention: The Editors' Scans

Trump’s White House will not define sustainability standards — tech giants will  
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: The Hill - Even as government agencies unequivocally acknowledge climate change, the Trump White House continues to reject what the scientific community readily accepts: Climate change is likely humanity’s greatest threat, and we’re already... 

Our sustainability goals need an upgrade
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: Business Green - The Rockstrom roadmap on carbon is particularly sobering. It says that staying below two degrees of warming is doable, but that it is going to take significant effort to get anywhere close. 

Becoming a role model for sustainability
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: Business Times - WHILE real estate developer City Developments (CDL) is famous for being involved in some of the most iconic buildings in Singapore, it is equally well known that the company is a role model for environmental sustainability. CDL... 

Socially Responsible Investing taking off in financial world
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: The Blade - In 2015, Tom Klein, a soft-spoken man who enjoys E.E. Cummings poetry and has passionate views about the environment, decided he wanted to be more socially responsible when it came to investing his money. 

What is sustainability? It depends who you ask.
(Tuesday - April 17, 2018) Source: AG Week - Sustainability has become one of the most widely used words in American agriculture and the U.S. food system. Farmers and ranchers frequently talk about it and how to best incorporate it into their farms and ranches. 

What does sustainability mean for beef?
(Tuesday - April 17, 2018) Source: GreenBiz - Sustainability as it relates to food production can be a challenging word for all vested stakeholders to agree upon. After all, everyone is a stakeholder when it comes to food — 100 percent of us are eaters. 

How the poorest of the poor champion sustainability
(Tuesday - April 17, 2018) Source: Eco-Business - Indigenous peoples count among the poorest of the poor but are stewards to the world’s remaining forests and mitigate the impacts of climate change, according to reports...

We’ll Change the Planet - Training 100,000 Sustainability Professionals and Entrepreneurs!
(Tuesday - April 17, 2018) Source: CSRWire - Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead 

Growing financial sector reform starts to deliver private finance for sustainability
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: UN Environment - Washington D.C. – Huge progress on reforming the global financial system over the last four years has started to deliver desperately needed financing for sustainability and set up the next wave of action, according to a new... 

New Evidence Suggests That Sustainability Standards Drive Action
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: Sustainable Brands - New evidence suggests that sustainability standards are drivers of the adoption and improvement of corporate practices. Its welcome news following CDP’s recent examination of the gap between corporate intentions and action on... 

Why human resources is your sustainability ally
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: GreenBiz - numerous studies have demonstrated the value that Millennials and Gen Z put on finding purpose in their work — although in fact this point applies to workers of all ages. Companies are still adapting to the expectations of new... 

The 10 sustainability trends that forward-thinking organizations have on their minds
(Thursday - April 19, 2018) Source: BCD Network - The future office strives to be better, focus more on the people who inhabit it, and contribute to the success of the company. 

The U.S. ranks near the bottom on this sustainability scorecard
(Thursday - April 19, 2018) Source: MarketWatch - The U.S. is making strides in adopting environmentally friendly technologies and supporting other sustainable trends, but it still has a way to go relative to other countries. 

Just say 'no' to stock messages: Here are 10 principles for sustainability that sells
(Thursday - April 19, 2018) Source: GreenBiz - We’ve always suspected that how information about sustainability is visualized doesn’t actually engage most audiences, reducing the effectiveness of communications. While carrying out our new research, "How to design... 

New packaging study reveals complexities of sustainability
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Packaging World - esults of a new survey show a positive business sentiment towards sustainability. However, despite the enthusiasm, many respondents lacked the tools and resources to achieve sustainability goals or measure progress. Survey... 

The path to sustainability
(Friday - April 20, 2018)
 Source: Elon News - In preparation for Earth Day on April 22, the Office of Sustainability is putting on Earth Week: a celebration for the earth, and a reminder that Elon University’s efforts to protect the environment persist year-round 

Comment: Achieving sustainability – collaborate, then compete
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Supply Chain Digital - Whether it is awareness driven by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet or the ‘mindful buying’ millennials and Generation Zs, the impact of our consumer society on the planet appears to be increasingly influencing purchasing...

The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Forbes - California is a place unlike any other on the Globe. It boasts perhaps the greatest natural resources of any state along with shining high-tech industries. However, like many good economic stories, government policies threaten... 

The CMO's Role In Driving Sustainability
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Forbes - Sustainability is more relevant than ever before for brands. As the effects of climate change play out across the globe, society has demanded that we evolve to face the challenges. 

More than 95% of world's population breathing unhealthy air, says new report
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: CNN - More than 95% of the world's population is breathing unhealthy air and the poorest nations are the hardest hit, a new report has found. 

Sustainability-Focused Headlines for You From the Corporate Sector  

Anheuser-Busch, Already The World's Largest Beer Brewer, Also Wants To Be The Most Sustainable
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: Forbes - an effort to reduce its environmental impact, Anheuser-Busch has announced its U.S. 2025 Sustainability Goals

H&M Is Pushing Sustainability Hard, But Not Everyone Is Convinced
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: Forbes - H&M Group (Hennes Mauritz AB) launched its 2018 sustainability report this week with a fanfare. By 2030 it aims to use only recycled or other sustainability sourced materials and by 2040 it wants to be 100% climate positive.

L'Oréal Accelerates its Sustainability Transformation in 2017
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Pilot Online - A few days ahead of Earth Day on April 22, L'Oréal publishes the 2017 Progress Report on its global sustainability program, Sharing Beauty With All. 

P&G reveals ambitious new sustainability goals  
(Tuesday - April 17, 2018) Source: BizJournal - Procter & Gamble Co. today revealed new sustainability goals aimed at reducing pollution and enhancing society while creating value for the company.  

Starbucks Is Closing Thousands of Stores for Racial Bias Training. Here's How Much Money It Could Lose  
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Source: Time

Exclusive: Wells Fargo loses teachers union AFT over ties to NRA, guns
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: USA Today

Are Cigarettes Finally Dead? Phillip Morris Plunges
(Friday - April 20, 2018) Source: Yahoo Finance 

News & Opinion: Asset Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds

New York City Pension Funds May Sell Almost $18 Million Worth Of Gun Stocks
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Associated Profiles : New York City Comptroller’s Office: Bureau of Asset Management Source: HuffPost - (Reuters) - New York City's pension funds may sell nearly $18 million worth of stock in four companies that manufacture guns and ammunition, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The city's pension funds join a growing list of investors... 

New Pensions Group Says Forget About Climate Change
 (Thursday - April 19, 2018) Associated Profiles : Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds – State Treasurer’s Office Source: Institutional Investor - The group cited a 2018 Kiplinger’s report that named six major energy companies among its top 18 retirement investments ... by the poor health of pensions in Connecticut, Illinois, and New York. Efforts by these plans to ... 

Global sovereign fund assets rises to $7.45 trillion
(Wednesday - April 18, 2018) Associated Profiles : National Wealth Fund Source: Times of Oman - The remaining capital was distributed to the National Wealth Fund. SWF appetite for alternative assets has continued to grow, with 76 per cent of funds now investing in at least one alternative asset class, up from 74 per cent in...

Five Facts About Sovereign Wealth Funds That Will BLOW YOUR MIND
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Associated Profiles : Economic and Social Stabilization Fund & Pension Reserve Fund (Chile) Source: Business Insider - 2. Contributions were thinner in some sovereign wealth funds than usual. Chile's Pension Reserve Fund, for example, was a victim of this situation. The government didn't pony up the sort of capital it has in the past. 4. There... 

Socially Responsible Investing taking off in financial world
(Monday - April 16, 2018) Source: The Blade - In 2015, Tom Klein, a soft-spoken man who enjoys E.E. Cummings poetry and has passionate views about the environment, decided he wanted to be more socially responsible when it came to investing his money. 

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