October 11, 2019


Fashion, Style, Brand and Sustainability Are Today’s Coupling Terms Now for a Growing Number of Consumers…

We’re all consumers of one type or another.We buy food and beverages, electronic products, and an assortment of apparel and footwear products.  So the questions come to mind…

What are you wearing?  Is it fashionable?  Stylish? And sustainable (as a product you want or need)?  Sustainably and responsibly produced?  In a global (mostly invisible) supply chain that you could say with certainty is “well supervised and responsibly managed”?

Do you identify yourself with the brand’s culture, ethos and sustainability and the praiseworthy efforts of the maker or the retailer in their declarations to the marketplace?  Do you make sustainability a conscious buying decision?

A growing number of apparel & footwear brand producers/marketers are counting on “yes” answers to these questions.

In our monitoring of news and feature content from around the world and many prominent and not-so-prominent sources, we have been seeing a significant amount of content related to “fashion” and “sustainability” being coupled (as it, taken together as a given, like human nature (human + nature – a natural coupling).

The big bold industry and brand marketing names are part of the conversation: Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and H&M are focused on sustainability and delivering the fashion + sustainability sales message in the coupling efforts (details in our story selections).

We’re presenting our “capture” of fashion and consumer-buying content this week in our Top Stories in the newsletter.  In our monitoring we are seeing the trend in other consumer-facing areas of industry – in autos, toys, and a variety of food products and ingredients (palm oil, coffee beans, seafood/harvests of the seas).

The good news is that many more corporate leaders recognize the timely opportunity for their company to demonstrate that their company’s strategies and processes, and products & services offered in both consumer and B-to-B markets are “sustainable & responsible” – as now more frequently explained in the company’s sustainability report, in the 10-k, proxy statement, on its web pages…and on their products’ labeling. 

In this week’s Highlights we bring you a selection of the many news and feature stories focused on consumer marketing with a sustainability theme. The range of coupled content (our product + sustainability) is growing by leaps and bounds and we try to select the most topical and informative content for you.

On coupling:  the best-selling author Malcolm Gladwells’s newest book is “Talking to Strangers”, a great read, we recommend.  He explains why we are so overwhelmingly trusting of others (the strangers) as a basic human default and the concept of “coupling” that can make certain assumptions ring true.  This comes to mind the acceptance of apparel, footwear and other brand marketers’ claims about “sustainability” in product and/or production.  Gladwell’s insights are terrific to contemplate as we receive the messages about sustainability from some brand marketers.

Top Stories

Fashion Brands Take Sustainability Further for Spring 2020
Source: Forbes 

Exclusive Q&A: Why Retailers Should Embrace Sustainable Supply Chains
Source: Retail Touch Points 

Why Sustainability Should Be Top of Mind for Retailers This Holiday Season
Source: Yahoo

Consumers want to buy sustainably—they just don’t know how
Source: Fast Company 

How Sustainability Became the Future of Retail
Source: Footwear News

Consumers Want to Buy Sustainably, but They Often Don't
Source: Architectural Digest 

The Best 11 Brands for Sustainable Vegan Sneakers
Source: Love Kindly 

How can shoppers make sense of sustainable fish labels?
Source: The Guardian 

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Sustainability Standards Setters & Policy Makers

Financial Services Committee passes ESG Disclosure Simplification Act  Source: Data Maran

Joining Cap-and-Trade Program is a Smart Move for Pennsylvania’s Economic Vitality 
Source: Ceres

Major Companies Celebrate Release of North Carolina’s First Clean Energy Plan 
Source: Ceres  

Ranked: Countries with the Most Sustainable Energy Policies
Source: Visual Capitalist


G&A Institute Sustainability Update
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The DJSI – Pioneers in ESG/Sustainable Investing Indexes, Celebrates 20 Years of Industry Leadership and Partnership of RobecoSAM and S&P Global Dow Jones

Climate Change-Related Disclosure: The TCFD Is Here — the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Generation M – the “Millennials” – Making a Difference in Many Spheres of Society




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ESG / Sustainable & Responsible Investment

Climate Action 100+ investors seek net zero business strategies through company engagement
Source: Ceres

The SDG Impact Practice Standards: Private Equity Funds 
Source: UNDP

Is Sustainable Finance Going Mainstream?
Source: Oil & Gas 360

Some of world’s biggest asset managers ‘paying lip service’ to ESG
Source: City AM 

Socially responsible investing catching on among sovereign funds: study
Source: Reuters 

Incorporating ESG into your investment portfolio
Source: Austin Business Journal

5 Intriguing New Sustainable Funds
Source: MorningStar 

Morgan Stanley survey finds investor enthusiasm for sustainable investing at an all-time high
Source: Briefing Corporate Citizenship 


Corporate Sustainability / ESG

Majority of World's Largest Private Banks Don't Have Sustainable Finance Commitment
Source: NewsWeek

PODCAST: Greta, CEOs join Global GoalsCast to Save the Planet 
Source: SDGs 

Harnessing the Power of Data in Supply Chains: Making Women Workers Count and Be Counted 
Source: BSR

7 crucial developments from the UN's sustainability summit, and what they'll mean for businesses and our environment 
Source:  Business Insider

87 Companies Commit to Climate Targets for 1.5°C Future 
Source:  IISD

Transformational Goals in Corporate Strategy: A Review of the ESG Goals of 50 Global Companies
Source: Sustainable Brands 

‘Facebook’s Libra is a huge endorsement of the sustainability, capacity of blockchain’
Source: The Sociable 

P&G exec: Promising sustainability is easy; delivering on that promise is hard
Source: Plastics News 

Why Citigroup Just Named a Chief Sustainability Officer
Source: Fortune 

Frito-Lay Transforms California Production Site into First-of-its-Kind Showcase for Sustainability
Source: StreetInsider 

Sustainability Expectations Rising in the Construction Industry: Toolkit Can Help
Source: Sustainable Brands 


Global Sustainability: Continuing Forward Momentum!

Governments commit to shared climate action through Least Developed Countries Fund 
Source: UN SDGs

Global Sustainable (Green) Packaging Industry
Source: Yahoo Finance 

Sustainable forests work to address climate change
Source: Treehugger 

Sustainable Tourism Needs to Be the New Normal. Here’s Why
Source: Forbes 

How to Make Your Morning Coffee Ritual More Sustainable
Source: Forbes 

National Chicken Council Unveils New Sustainability Resources
Source: Southeast Ag Net


Sustainability Matters

The climate issue
Source: The Economist

Can Growth in Sustainable Energy Reduce Natural Resources Overspend?
Source: Earth 911 

How to Make Your Morning Coffee Ritual More Sustainable
Source: Forbes 

How sustainable is tuna? New global catch database exposes dangerous fishing trends
Source: Science Daily 

Upcoming farm conference to focus on sustainability, profitability
Source: CBS 19 

Farming Ain’t For Sissies, & Sustainable Farming Is Especially Tough
Source: Clean Technica 

Space can solve our looming resource crisis – but the space industry itself must be sustainable
Source: The Conversation 

Why the answer to a more sustainable future could lie within the platform economy
Source: World Economic Forum 


Sustainability Data

2019 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking 
Source: Equileap

Navigant Research Report Outlines 3 Key Barriers Preventing Organizations from Incorporating Sustainability into Their Businesses
Source: Business Wire 

The data show it: diverse companies do better
Source: FT 

Sustainable: Residential properties join energy benchmarking
Source: Finance-commerce.com

A Sustainability Indicator to Compare the Bike Friendliness of U.S. Cities
Source: State of the Planet, Columbia University 


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