July 17, 2019


About Those Assembled "Best Of" Lists of Companies - What Lessons Are There For The Managers Of Other Firms... Not On The List Of The Chosen?

There are a number of “best of” lists that corporate managers and investment professionals scour to see what companies are judged to be doing well (by the list makers)…whether they be industry peers & competitors, or possible acquisitions or partners, and for investors, whether the listed firms might be the right choices for investment portfolios.

One annual list that we do follow is the one produced by Corporate Knights – the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations”, published for the 15th year in 2019.  This list begins with around 7,500 possible inclusions in the top 100, all firms generating $1 billion or more in revenues.  Analysts devote 5,000 hours scouring almost 4 million data points to narrow the field to the chosen 100.

Examining the results, Holly Johnson of The CEO Magazine shared her perspectives with her readers.  There were top takeaways she learned from examining the work of Corporate Knights analysts:

  1. The top companies “live longer” (average age for the top 10 was 87 years!).
  2. They are better governed than peers, with lower CEO-to-worker pay ratio. They pay more in taxes.
  3. They’re “greener,” generating more revenues from clean (positive green or social impact) goods and services.
  4. More women are found in their ranks, and in the board room; there’s bound to be found a link between exec compensation and sustainability measures.
  5. Revenue is “cleaner” – generated through sustainable products. The Top Company is Chr. Hansen, generating 80% of revenues from development of natural solutions for food preservation and crop protection, as well as alternatives to using antibiotics for food animals.
  6. Investors are happier with these firms. 

You can find the details from each of these findings in our Top Story. There’s a link to the Top 100 Corporate Knights list in The CEO Magazine post.

The company names you’ll find in the Top 10 of the Top 100 firms include Prologis (USA); GlaxoSmithKline Plc (UK); Banco do Brasil S.A. (Brazil); Taiwan Semiconductor (Taiwan).

Author Holly Johnson is staff writer and digital producer with The CEO Magazine, in Australia, where “she now delves into the world of leading business executives.”  The magazine is Australia’s leading business publication.

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We’re also sharing news this week “up top” about our partnership with Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN), the leading global risk management and compliance solutions company which provides services and advice to many of the nation’s largest public companies.

We’re partnering with DFIN to provide a full suite of sustainability services and solutions to the firm’s client base.  DFIN shares important perspectives in a number of white papers; these are available with links in the story below.

DFIN Survey Reveals Gaps in Implementation and Reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance Issues – Announces Strategic Partnership with G&A Institute
(Tuesday - July 09, 2019) Source: Business Wire – Donnelley Financial Solutions (NYSE:DFIN) announced strategic partnership with Governance & Accountability Institute to offer clients an expanded suite of solutions to begin, or advance and enhance their ESG initiatives and reporting. Recent survey shows gaps still exist within the implementation and reporting of corporate ESG initiatives…


This Week's Top Stories

Green leaders: The world’s most sustainable companies in 2019
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: CEO Magazine - According to Corporate Knights’ list of the 2019 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations, it encompasses carbon and waste reduction, gender equality in leadership and even revenues derived from clean products. 

Global Sustainability: Continuing Forward Momentum!

Empowering Employees: The Key to Achieving Environmental Sustainability Goals
(Wednesday - June 26, 2019) Source: Environmental Leader - Companies increasingly believe that addressing environmental sustainability is a strategic and integral business imperative. This is evidenced most recently by the volume of companies with Earth Day announcements including going...

The future of dairy sustainability: Communications, partnerships and progress
(Wednesday - June 26, 2019) Source: GreenBiz - As CEO of the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), I am gratified that our industry — producers and processors in concert with regulators and retailers — has taken a thoughtful response to the environmental challenges we all... 

The Increased Importance of Environmental Sustainability in Real Estate
(Thursday - June 27, 2019) Source: Forbes - This is not an “aha” moment for most of us: Green building and sustainability have been enduring trends in the industry for the past couple of decades. However, as the real estate space continues to transform, this topic takes on...

Meat ‘essential’ to sustainable farming, says the Sustainable Food Trust
(Thursday - June 27, 2019) Source: Food Navigator - Meat ‘essential’ to sustainable farming, says the Sustainable Food Trust...

Why Investors May Need to Pay Attention to Corporate Sustainability Trends
(Thursday - June 27, 2019) Source: ETF Trends - In an age of disagreement, sustainability is proving to be an issue that many can rally behind. A sustainable policy sees widespread popularity among consumers, and many are choosing to do business with companies based, in part... 

A New Approach to Balancing Economic Development and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure
(Friday - June 28, 2019) Source: Forbes - As companies, industries and even countries across the globe adapt to climate change, business as usual is no longer an option. New approaches and new ideas are imperative. 

7 Steps to a Sustainable Factory
(Monday - July 01, 2019) Source: Thomasnet - Most business owners postpone the inevitable decision to make their warehouse green because they are genuinely worried that “going green” will overstrain the budget. 

3 Easy Ways to Live Sustainably this Plastic Free July
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: Thrive Global - Plastic Free July is the best month to pause, think about the way we buy and consume, and reboot our lifestyles to embrace a more sustainable living. Sustainable lives are happy lives, so here are 3 easy ways to live sustainably... 

How Speedling Embraces and Succeeds with Sustainability
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: Green House Grower - According to Speedling President and CEO Greg Davis, the true value of being sustainable is more than just enacting individual practices such as reduced chemical use, water management, or labor efficiency. 

The Future of Brand Packaging Lies in Sustainable Practices and Materials
(Wednesday - July 03, 2019) Source: Ad Week - With consumer acceptance growing, we now have the opportunity to view packaging as durable rather than disposable and offer solutions that are truly sustainable while delivering usage experiences never before possible. 

Sustainability campaigners demand consolidation of eco-labelled products
(Wednesday - July 03, 2019) Source: Food Navigator - Consolidation of eco-labeled products is badly needed, according to speakers at the 11th European edition of the Sustainable Food Summit held last month in Amsterdam. 

Before You Pop the Cork on Red Or White:

Canned vs. Bottled: Which Type of Wine Is More Sustainable?
(Friday - July 05, 2019) Source: Fortune - Wander into any liquor store this time of year, and you’re bound to see a growing share of the real estate dedicated to wine in cans. Typically served in 250-milliliter aluminum cans and sold by the four- or six-pack, canned wine... 

Survey of Wine Consumers Says Sustainability Takes Precedence Over Organic
(Thursday - June 27, 2019) Source: Forbes - Overall, the survey indicates high consumer interest in sustainably produced wine, and consumers harbor a favorable perception of sustainable certification programs as well. In addition, consumers show “…a willingness to pay more... 

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Quick Scan of the Headlines:
ESG Topics & Front-of-Mind Issues

Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis
(Friday - July 05, 2019) Source: The Guardian

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: Scientific America

Wealthy financial markets must start to pay their way to help the poor, and a global ‘Robin Hood’ tax is the way to do so
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: South China Morning Post


Headlines From the Corporate Sector

H&M Makes a Sustainable Fashion Miscue in Norway
(Friday - June 28, 2019) Source: Forbes 

Allianz Wants to Tackle the Challenge of Creating Sustainable Urban Living
(Monday - July 01, 2019) Source: Futurism 

Burberry makes an unexpected commitment to environmental sustainability
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: The Rising 

Only one in eight defined sustainable business – report
(Tuesday - July 02, 2019) Source: SMART Energy International 

Headlines of interest…

Goldman Sachs plans to disrupt banking like Amazon did retail, Apple in music
(Monday - June 24, 2019) Source: Yahoo Finance

GM Hopes Increased Fuel Economy Will Save Chevy Silverado Sales  
(Tuesday - June 25, 2019) Source: Jalopnik 

Ford unveils $1 billion investment in Chicago plants, adds 500 new jobs
(Tuesday - June 25, 2019) Source: ABC 7 Chicago

Why Fiat Is Struggling in The United States
(Wednesday - July 03, 2019) Source: YouTube 


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