Navigating the Next Leaders in Sustainability

The Governance & Accountability Institute is an ESG and Sustainability consulting firm, founded in 2006, based in NYC, focused on helping clients become leaders in Corporate Sustainability, Responsibility, Citizenship -- including the full breadth of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues.

What is ESG and why does
it matter to your company?

Just a few things you can expect when working with our team.

Companies that follow our advice and counsel are realizing multiple benefits including:

  • Achieving more resiliency and efficiencies.
  • Gaining better access to capital.
  • Enjoying higher equity & debt valuations.
  • Seeing better ESG investor ratings, rankings & scores.
  • Gaining inclusion in ESG / Sustainability Indexes & Third Party Recognitions
  • Achieving enhanced human talent attraction / retention.
  • Developing increased efficiency (including cost savings) in many areas of their operations.
  • Attracting more new customers / clients.
  • Demonstrating improved risk management & mitigation
  • Enjoying higher equity & debt valuations.
  • Identifying new strategic opportunities.
  • Developing stronger and more robust and meaningful relationships with important stakeholders.
  • Protecting societal freedom, license to operate.