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PENSIONS: THE NEXT FINANCIAL CRISIS? /Ryan ALM Research on Pension Fund Crisis:
Economic Meltdown/Banking-Investment Implosion Only Half The Problem As Pensions Face A $2 Trillion Deficit;
“Overvaluation” Of Assets + “Undervaluation” Of Liabilities “An Equation For Disaster”

(New York, NY, July 20, 2010) Unheard-of steps regarding public and private pension funds are beginning to unfold as serious fiscal issues facing managers and pension fund beneficiaries are now coming into focus. Most people understood that the economic slowdown -- combined with the implosion of the banking/investment community -- would have a negative impact upon their pensions, as evidenced by double digit percentage losses commonplace in pension funds investment for FY 2008-2009. This was dire enough, but in reality it is only half the problem in the ongoing pension fund crisis, still “ticking away” like a time-bomb, according to some experts.

Extensive research by Ryan ALM of New York, an asset/liability management firm, covered in an alert (“The Unspoken Truth About Pension Funds” online: posted on the Accountability Central Web site, reveals that inappropriate accounting rules have misled pension fund managers into the wrong asset allocations for their types of plans. How did this happen?

According to research by Ryan ALM of New York: “Given that that the funds hire highly-experienced and professional consultants and managers, the answer lies in the way the Funded Ratio is reported to the applicable trustees. Cities and States operate under GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) accounting procedures while corporations are under FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) accounting procedures. Current FASB/GASB accounting rules do not require valuing pension assets and liabilities on a “marked to market” basis. Rather, they permit assets to be smoothed out over a defined period of time (i.e. GASB = five years). Liabilities are also not marked to market but use high discount rates (i.e. GASB = ROA).”

According to Ronald J. Ryan, CEO of Ryan ALM: “This tends to overvalue assets under the current financial climate, plus undervalues liabilities significantly. Such accounting rules distort economic reality (Funded Ratio) by not valuing assets and liabilities to accurate market valuations. As a result, many pension trustees were told that their funds were fully funded when, in fact, they had deep deficits. This is an equation for disaster as it led to inappropriate asset allocation, benefit and contribution decisions… they all link.

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