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New York, NY, October 28, 2013 – Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. announces the recognition and appointment of Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE, as a Fellow of the Institute.

Mr. Draz remains as Principal of Fraud Solutions, an international fraud consulting firm, counseling companies on their anti-fraud/risk mitigation efforts, employee training and investigation applications.

With nearly three decades of distinguished enterprise fraud risk management, training, audit, regulatory, legal and compliance experience, exclusively in the private sector, Mr. Draz is often published in industry, trade and online publications and is regularly sought-after by media outlets for his expertise.

Prior to launching his successful entrepreneurial fraud consultancy, he had been Corporate Investigations Manager atTransUnion LLC. There he oversaw its Corporate Investigations Department, while also serving as the global anti-fraud liaison to TransUnion’s operations in 25 foreign countries on six continents.

Moreover, his responsibilities included oversight for all internal employee investigations involving violations of ethics, code of business conduct, hotline and acceptable technology usage policies and procedures.

Mr. Draz' portfolio of management activities at TransUnion entailed: investigation of all customer interfacing matters and violations, violations of customer contract agreements, violations of federal rules and regulations governing permissible purpose, access of consumer credit information and cases with federal law enforcement agencies involving rings, organized criminal activity and national security matters.

In welcoming Daniel Draz as a Fellow of G&A Institute, G&A Chairman Hank Boerner said: "We are pleased to welcome Daniel Draz as a Fellow. Daniel is a pre-eminent voice and thought leader in the areas of fraud detection and prevention and risk management, topics that some companies ignore at their peril, not only from a regulatory standpoint but from the point of view of good corporate stewardship and best practices in sustainability.

"We and our global connections will benefit from Daniel's experienced insights and impeccable reputation in these areas, as well as his shared experiences as both an acclaimed sought-after advisor/consultant and entrepreneur."

In acknowledging his recognition as a Fellow of the Governance & Accountability Institute, Mr. Draz said:  “Enterprise fraud risk management is a significant component of a company’s efforts to protect their brand, satisfy shareholders, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce losses, increase their ROI and profitability, all of which significantly affect the bottom line. I’m honored that the Institute has allowed me to join such a prestigious group of established industry professionals and look forward to assisting the Institute in carrying out its work."

In an article for CSO Online, Fraud prevention: Improving Internal Controls Mr. Draz wrote: 

There are several keys to effective fraud prevention, but some of the most important tools in the corporate toolbox are strong internal controls. Equally important, though, are the company's attitude towards fraud, internal controls and an ethical organizational culture. While ethical culture is driven by senior management's control environment ("tone at the top"), buy in from the company's Board of Directors and Audit Committee are also essential in promoting an ethical and transparent environment.

Tying into his new role as a Fellow with G&A Institute, Mr. Draz offers: "An ethical and transparent company, more often than not, is a sustainable company, and I hope my role as a Fellow will help the Institute further carry that message to the corporate world."

Mr. Draz has been a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) since 1996. He has an M.S. in Economic Crime Management from Utica College (2005) and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University (1985). He currently holds Adjunct Professorships at four colleges where he teaches a variety of classes (graduate and undergraduate) involving various forms of fraud, economic crime, white collar crime, cyber security, intelligence and forensics. He also has extensive experience teaching both in classroom and online, and with developing unique academic curriculum.

Daniel Draz is a frequent speaker at national industry conferences and has been regularly published (over 65 times) in industry and trade publications. He has been often called upon - and volunteers - as a mentor to other investigators and fraud professionals around the globe.

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