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Accountability-Central Joins Best And Issues a Call For Nominations

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Barbara Kimmel
Executive Director
Tel: (908) 879-6625
Cell: (908) 310-3777

May 31, 2012


Accountability-CentralTM, the online news arm of the Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. (G&A) today announced its participation as a founding member of BEST! Business Excellence through Sustainable Trust. G&A provides timely news, actionable research and information, perspectives and opinion, reliable data, and customized advisory services to organizations, institutions and individuals seeking to do the right thing for the right reasons.  The web-based platform is provided as a public service and is open to all.

BEST! is a collaborative media program providing media coverage for trustworthy companies. Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director of Trust Across America, and the coordinator of the BEST! Program states: "We are living through a crisis of trust in organizations and many of today's news channels are stuck on one channel . . . what is wrong in corporate America. BEST! – a collaborative media-based program showcasing best practices in building and maintaining trust ‑ will draw public attention to what is right –– with the goal of restoring trust in business, and combating the often misplaced perception of systemic corporate greed."

Ms. Kimmel said that BEST! is a "by invitation" program that leverages a voluntary fraternity of well-respected media organizations to collaboratively disseminate articles about corporate leadership, innovation and success. "We want to showcase role models for other companies to emulate," Ms. Kimmel said.  

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