August 8, 2021


Summertime 2021 – Not a Quiet Time for ESG & Sustainability News


If your company has not yet started your sustainability journey, then here in August 2021 the stakes are getting higher for your Board of Directors and C-suite. Even if your company has already made good progress on ESG and sustainability, the stakes for your company are rising as peers that have already invested time, money and resources in their sustainability journey are steadily upping their game and striving for leadership.


Companies in all industries, ranging from automobiles to banks to technology, are grappling with the challenges of reporting on the sustainability of vast supply chains and meeting more stringent carbon emission targets from groups such as SBTi.


For this issue of our newsletter, the G&A Institute team selected a range of recent news reports, expert commentary, and research results that highlight mid-year 2021 realities about public company reporting on ESG and sustainability. These realities include:

  • Small and mid-cap companies not yet on their sustainability journey, who are not disclosing on ESG metrics, are in danger of falling way behind peers and risk being ignored by ESG and sustainable investors now managing more than $35 trillion in assets, or roughly a third of all global AUM.
  • Large-cap companies who may be well along the sustainability journey, including publishing annual sustainability reports, face increased challenges to meet investor expectations and to prepare for potential mandatory regulations on ESG disclosure from the SEC, the Federal Reserve, and other regulators.

We hope you enjoy this roundup of important sustainability news at the beach, lake, mountains or wherever you are enjoying summertime.  Please reach out to G&A Institute if you have any questions – we are here to help guide you wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

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