Corporate execs and managers wrestle with the answers to the critical questions in the internal discussions about ESG / sustainability Key Performance Indicators and ESG Metrics to publicly disclose.  Which? Why? How? Who wants this information?

So many third parties are actively seeking this information that increasing pressure is felt inside the enterprise, up to the highest levels (C-suite and board room).  These include asset owners, asset managers, ESG ratings firms, credit risk raters, customers, and more.  Pam Styles, a long-experienced investor relations professional with corporate and advisory experience, created this Resource Paper to help corporate managers answer the critical questions – which KPIs and Data Sets really matter?

The resource paper shared thought-provoking observations to add to each reader’s own perspectives, understanding, and strategic participation.  Pam Styles is a valued G&A Institute Fellow, Principal of Next Level Investor Relations, and long-time member of the National Investor Relations Institute, and member, NIRI Senior Roundtable.

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