About the Institute

Why Understanding & Knowing More About This Is Important

Corporate ESG performance is rapidly growing in importance to institutional investors as a proxy for the quality of management. The financials are key, of course, but as much as 80% of the valuation of a public company may be found in the many non-financial / intangible metrics.

These are now bundled as "ESG" evaluation and analysis approaches and utilized in assessing the performance of management and boards and to assess the ongoing and long-term viability of the corporation.

Our Bench Strength

G&A Institute's strengths are based on deep experience in corporate disclosure and reporting on risk management, issues management, sustainability, responsibility, and ESG performance.

Who We Are

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. is a for-profit strategies advisor, provider of consulting services and well-respected research firm serving leaders in organizations in the corporate (private), public and social/institutional sectors.

What We Do

The Institute provides corporate and investment community clients with a portfolio of integrated services and resources to help leaders identify, quantify, monitor, analyze, and manage effective approaches to address critical issues -- especially those reaching "the tipping point," when resolution of [issues] may be harder to achieve.


We are experts with long experience in risk management, corporate governance, corporate sustainability and responsibility -- and in the "ESG" strategies and performance factors that increasingly affect corporate reputation and capital markets valuation and perceptions of the enterprise. Corporate ESG perceptions can influence access to capital, cost of capital, and in the positive, shape favorable perceptions.

What You Need to Know

Corporate "ESG" performance is about the organization's environmental management, corporate governance policies & practices, and performance and achievements on a widening range of "social" or societal issues. Often capital markets leaders say these are a proxy for the quality of managements and boards.

The Big Brand Players

Major Wall Street houses have adopted ESG approaches -- including BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, MSCI, and others. Large institutions -- public employee pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth funds - are adopting ESG frameworks for portfolio management and including ESG expertise as a requisite in their RFPs to asset managers.

Our Big Data / Value-Add for Client Work

The work in our client engagements is anchored in the significant research and analysis capabilities of our team. We are the exclusive data partners for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the U.S.A., United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Each year we analyze hundreds of corporate sustainability, responsibility and citizenship reports. Our "Big Data" is a one-of-of-kind resource that benefits our corporate and institutional client base.
We monitor the major global ESG third party service providers and track the increasing influence they have in the capital markets and corporate sector in all major geographic markets. Our services help executives, managers and boards understand the motivations, expectations and unique approaches of the third party players and assist in engagement with ESG capital market players.
The Institute resources support such organizational functions as: Sustainability; Corporate Responsibility; Marketing; Corporate Communications; EHS; Legal; Investor Relations; Stakeholder Engagement; and Public Affairs. Our resources are designed to assist internal staff in their respective functional areas, as key members of the corporate sustainability & responsibility team. Wherever your organization is in its quest for greater sustainability, G&A Institute resources are designed to help make your sustainability journey more effective, with greater ROI, and to attain and project global sustainability leadership.

Most likely, your industry and investment peers are embarked on their sustainability journey. Odds are that some have achieved global leadership and enjoy clear competitive advantage. For example, our research shows that 75% of the S&P 500 companies now report on their sustainability journey. What about the other 25%...the laggards? What is happening among your peers? Do their activities create obstacles or opportunities for your company? What are you and your company doing?

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The Governance and Accountability Institute is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Organizational Stakeholder.

Team Experience - Client Engagements

The following are representative client engagements where the Institute team played a key role in identifying, addressing quantifying and helping management and Boards resolve critical issue and crisis situations.

Involving Corporate Governance & Accountability Issues

    Technology-related issues

      A Range of Health Care Issues

        Enterprise-wide & Select Unit Crisis Preparedness Engagements

          Banking - Financial Services Engagements

          Addressing Environmental Issues

          Addressing Safety Issues