Natali Alsunna

Natali Alsunna is a Sustainability Analyst at Governance & Accountability Institute. Her role includes supporting client needs across several industries including responding to surveys such as CSA and CDP, gap analyses, and benchmarking research.

Natali is passionate about environmental, social, and governance issues and about helping corporations foster sustainability to create a positive impact on society.

Natali holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the German Jordanian University and a MSc. in International Business Management from Coventry University. Her background in engineering and management across several countries has provided knowledge and a depth of technical skills in engineering while also building leadership skills.

Before joining G&A Institute, Natali worked as an ESG Analyst for a sustainability advisory and research firm where she focused on ESG ratings, benchmarking research, gap analyses, and assessing financial institutions with global sustainable finance standards.

Natali Alsunna

Sustainability Analyst

646.430.8230 ext. 38