Lucas Alvarez

Lucas Alvarez is the Design Director of Governance & Accountability Institute.  He focuses his passion on creating meaningful designs for brands to advance their understanding of sustainability strategy within a wide range of fields. He has close to a decade of experience in developing brand strategy and creative that connect people to the design to create lasting impact.

Lucas’ work has included a wide range of B2B and B2C branding projects -- from community districts such as Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta to creating internal campaigns explaining complex processes for Coca-Cola Enterprise.  This wide breadth of experience helps to inform his process in building creative that fits the client’s specific needs.

Since joining the team, Lucas has been involved in bringing to life in-depth research developed by the G&A team. Understanding the research results enables him to transform data into compelling, informative graphics that connect to the audience and showcase the efforts that clients have put into their sustainable practices. He is also responsible for generating new ways to share this research to give clients the tools they need to showcase their progress. This includes managing and creating websites, social assets, infographics, and all forms of communication development.

It is important to Lucas to create purposeful work that helps create change in people’s perspectives. Great design is not about just making things look better, but rather communicates an insight that leads to greater understanding. Research and development is an important part of what he does when developing any design. Lucas works closely with clients to make something that resonates with their audience that has long lasting impact.

Lucas holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University and stays active in his community. He currently holds a position on the in-house board of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), developing webinar series and meet-ups that give designers greater insight into how to advance their career. He recognizes the need for continuing education and stays up-to-date on design trends and has most recently taken a course on Design Thinking through UVA DARDEN.

In his free time, Lucas takes his skills in design to work on passion project such as the collaborative development of the abstract strategy game Hermetica. Hermetica was fully funded on Kickstarter, has won multiple awards and has been displayed at many prominent trade shows across the country. Lucas’s understanding of Game Theory allows him to turn complex processes into something approachable and fun. Lucas stays active in the gaming community and is always looking for new ways to expand his skill set to apply to his personal and professional life.

Lucas Alvarez

Design Director

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