Kirstie Dabbs

Kirstie Dabbs is a Sustainability Analyst at Governance & Accountability Institute, joining the team full-time after completing G&A’s Sustainability Report Research Analyst internship program and being promoted to Intern Team Leader. She supports client projects across sectors and industries through comprehensive materiality assessment and benchmarking research, gap analysis, ESG data reviews, and corporate sustainability report development. She also conducts research and analysis for G&A’s flash reports that present findings on corporate sustainability reporting practices, contributing to reports on the Business Roundtable signatories and the Russell 1000.

Kirstie holds an MBA in Sustainability from Bard College, with a focus on Circular Value Chain Management. She enjoys developing sustainability strategies for public, private and nonprofit organizations, and has a unique interest in applying strategic foresight methodologies to support such work.

Kirstie previously worked as a Consultant at Red Queen Group in New York City, where she provided organizational analyses and support for nonprofits undergoing strategic or management transitions. She honed her project management skills in a prior role as a Production Supervisor at The Metropolitan Opera, and she remains an enthusiastic supporter of the visual and performing arts.

Kirstie Dabbs

Sustainability Analyst

646.430.8230 ext 32