Faye Leone

Faye Leone is a Senior Sustainability Content Writer at Governance and Accountability Institute. She also holds roles with the International Institute for Sustainability Development (IISD) and the Conservation Advisory Committee for the City of Beacon, New York.

Faye has over 20 years of experience in New York, Southeast Asia, and Washington, DC. An experienced writer, editor, and conference reporter, she specializes in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations’ work on sustainable development, particularly measurement, monitoring, and review.

Faye has a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University with a concentration in trade and sustainable development, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Middlebury College, and certifications in mediation and conflict resolution.

Faye’s previous experience includes interviewing governments for a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) research report; writing speeches for the UN Development Programme; and campaigning for UN transparency.  In addition, Faye also has past experience in developing training for garment factory auditors to address migrant worker conditions and issuing recommendations to protect migrant workers; providing training in human rights and mediation for Burmese communities in Thailand; as well as advocating for refugees in Washington, DC.

Faye is based in Beacon, New York.

Faye Leone

Senior Sustainability Content Writer

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