Utilizing Big Data

We closely monitor and analyze the major and minor ESG third-party data providers and advisors, who are assigning scores, ratings, rankings and other KPIs to corporations.

The work we do for clients is anchored in the significant research and analysis resources and capabilities of our team.  We are designated data partners for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the United States, United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland. 

In this role, we examine and compile a database tracking thousands of corporate and institutional sustainability / ESG reports and build “Big Data” models, resources, and tools around this data. We help clients navigate and effectively respond to and engage with all third-party organizations to achieve the most positive ratings and outcomes where possible. We also learn what issues the raters and rankers are most focused on, and utilize this intelligence to help steer the strategy of our clients, and improve disclosure and reporting.

Our Big Data resources and the highlights of our research results based on these resources are widely shared with investors, companies, NGOs, financial analysts, media, and other stakeholders.

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Organizational Stakeholder.

G&A Institute team members are active in sustainable investment – and have been for many years, with established relationships with pioneering “socially responsible investors” dating back to the early 1990s.  

We are based in New York, the financial and media capital of the U.S.A., where both domestic and global investment management companies have headquarters and principal offices.  We regularly interact with the major institutional asset owners and their internal and external managers on behalf of clients.  

We are active in the CFA Society / New York affairs and are leaders in the group’s Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Group (G&A Chair Hank Boerner is the former chair of the group).  

G&A is a member firm of the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment trade organization. G&A Institute’s EVP Louis Coppola is chair of US SIF’s Company Calls Committee (CCC) arranging asset owner, manager and analyst meetings with public company management.

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