Our Experience

Guiding Organizations Across Many Sectors and Industries

We are organized to help organizations and their leadership and boards do their best in recognizing, addressing, and managing critical sustainability issues that are of concern to all stakeholders.

Our Map to Sustainability

ESG Factors are the focus of the daily work of our team members. Our staff and network of consultants and researchers work to:

Define and further refine the focus on ESG Factors

Broaden the awareness of ESG among key stakeholders

Help leaders understand the critical nature of ESG

Develop a higher appreciation for the emerging emphasis on ESG Factors

Corporate Sustainability Engagements

Comprehensive Materiality Assessments
  • Align the sustainability program with stakeholder, constituency concerns
  • Prioritize issues for further focus and strategy development
  • Select key indicators for disclosure
  • Enable focused discussion for strategy development
  • Identify gaps in data collection
  • Increase the ROI of your sustainability program
Sustainability Reports
  • Strategic Planning & Fact Finding
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Gap Analysis & SME Interviews
  • Report Development & Writing
  • Report Design & Publication
Investor Survey Response Support
  • CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)
  • Supply Chain Surveys 
Gap Analysis
  • Examining existing public disclosure for alignment with leading frameworks and standards
  • Gathering non-public information from internal stakeholders with relevant information
  • Mapping where existing public and nonpublic information exists
  • Identifying gaps where required information is unavailable – guide development for potential disclosure
  • Researching industry peers for their disclosure practices for the various framework indicators
ESG Data Review and Enhancement

We use a proprietary mapping of ESG data points from the leading data providers, including:

  • Bloomberg
  • ISS
  • MSCI
  • Refinitiv
  • Sustainalytics
  • Vigeo Eiris
  • Others (client based)
Report, Microsite and ESG Collateral Design
  • Annual Sustainability Report
  • Interview Video Series
  • Dedicated Sustainability Microsites
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Investor Influencer Kits
  • Internal Corporate ESG Campaigns
Content Index Creation
  • GRI
  • SASB
  • TCFD
  • SDGs
ESG Policy Development

Our team is experienced in drafting general sustainability policies as well as policies focused on specific ESG issues, such as:



  • supply chain management
  • human rights
  • green travel
  • human capital management
Board and Executive Team Coaching
  • Lessons learned in corporate sustainability governance, strategies, initiatives, and programs – what works for leaders
  • Best practices for corporate sustainability programs
  • Sustainability disclosure covering commonly-used reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, and TCFD
  • The sharpening investor focus on sustainability issues
Awards and Recognitions for ESG Leadership
  • Reviewing your company's existing sustainability strategies, initiatives, and achievements in publicly-available documentation
  • Matching your company's accomplishments with an appropriate universe of the most impactful third-party awards and recognitions for both short-term and longer-term consideration
  • Recommending suitable awards and recognitions that will serve as the road map for internal decision-making and action
ESG-Focused Investor Engagement
  • Facilitating meetings with capital market players focused on sustainable investing
  • Developing and refining ESG messages for financial analysts, asset managers and institutional investors
  • Targeting current and potential shareholders with interest in corporate ESG performance
  • Advising management in structuring ESG disclosure and reporting to meet expectations and needs of the investment community
  • Educating and coaching corporate management in sustainable investing trends
Issues and Crisis Management

G&A helped in identifying, addressing quantifying and helping management and Boards resolve critical issue and crisis situations. For a full list of our past engagments, click here.

Industry Experience

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