The team at The Governance & Accountability Institute believes that most leaders and members of boards and the organizations and institutions they lead want to do the right thing…for the right reasons. Many of these "right things" are embodied in the various focal points of ESG Factors. We recognize that management and board's policies and strategies both directly and indirectly translate into the policies, business practices, behaviors, and formal programs [within the organizations] – and align with, or clash with, or embrace ESG best practices and policies acceptable to stockholders and stakeholders.

The organizational culture, whether in the corporate (private), public or social sector, usually reflects the intention and the desire to do the right thing for all of the stakeholders involved…or not to do right thing. (Stakeholders include employees, shareowners, lenders, financial partners, business partners and alliances, regulators, suppliers, facility neighbors, customers and clients, competitors, government, and finally, society-at-large.)

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute is to provide accurate, timely and actionable information and resources, including independent research and analysis, and independent perspective and advice, to leaders and organizations build trust…address critical issues…resolve critical issues in an intelligent manner…to do the right things…for the right reasons…in the best possible ways…with an equitable outcome for all parties involved.

The Institute works to assure that the winning strategies will come out of these collaborative efforts!

We are organized to help organizations and their leadership and boards do their best in recognizing, addressing, managing and resolving critical issues that are of concern to stakeholders -- employees, investors, regulators, journalists, social and civic advocates, analysts, business partners, financial partners, and other stakeholders.

Our Map to Sustainability

ESG Factors are the focus of the daily work of our team members. Our staff and network of consultants and researchers work to:

Define and further refine the focus on ESG Factors

Broaden the awareness of ESG among key stakeholders

Help leaders understand the critical nature of ESG

Develop a higher appreciation for the emerging emphasis on ESG Factors