As a Fellow of the Governance & Accountability Institute, Nicola Facciorusso is the main intellectual resource for "connecting the dots" on corporate finance, capital markets, and related matters in Europe, the Middle East region and Greece and eastern Mediterranean, and the German “Mittelstand” on behalf of the Institute.

Hank Boerner, Chairman and CEO of the Governance & Accountability Institute, said: "Nicola Facciorusso has one of the most brilliant minds today in understanding the complexity and ambiguity of finance in Southern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Mr. Facciorusso is an important on-the-ground resource for anyone seeking actionable financial/investment information in these regions."

A career investment banker, Nicola Facciorusso is founder and principal of Autenrieth Capital, GmbH & Co., based in Munich. The firm focuses on fund raising, joint ventures, pre IPO activity and secondary placements. Autenrieth assists listed and non-listed corporations (pre-IPO) in improving visibility in the international financial community and in the investment banking network in Germany in generating interest by institutional investors as pure financial or strategic investor.

Autenrieth’s sector focus is predominantly centered on pharmaceutical, renewable energy, agriculture and real estate industries. Mr. Facciorusso's background includes 22 years of close-contact experience in advising institutional investors from Europe and the Middle East for the German equity market, as well as corporations from Greece for capital market transactions.

From 1988 to 2010 Nicola was an investment banker at Dresdner Bank, BHF-Bank, HVB andSal.Oppenheim (for 10 years in charge for IB-strategies in Southern Europe and the GCC). Since the 1990s he has published articles, commentaries, and editorials in print media in Italy and Germany.  He has given TV-interviews at national channels and joined conferences in the USA and in Germany, Greece and Italy. His topic: Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), especially in the Gulf states, or the Greek financial crisis. He is a member of the nominating committee of the Greek IR Awards. In 2011 he was a member of the task force of the German Finance Ministerto Greece dealing with the financial crisis of the country. In 2010 he founded  Autenrieth Capital in Munich. And since 2009 he has been a Fellow of the G&A Institute of New York.



Began financial services career in apprenticeship - Dresdner Bank.

· 1986 to 2000: Responsible for acquisition and advisory of Southern European institutional investors for the German capital market at Dresdner Bank (today Commerzbank), CARIPLO (today Banca Intesa), BHF-Bank (today Sal.Oppenheim Group) and HVB Bank (today Unicredito).

· Since 1992: Managed equity sales by leading SWFs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

· 2000: Served as Senior Vice President Equity Sales for Southern Europe and Middle East at the German family-owned bank Sal.Oppenheim.

· Since 2005: Coordinator of strategy and relationship of Sal.Oppenheim in the Greek capital market.

· 2008-2010: Director Corporate Brokerage coordinator of strategy and partnerships of Sal.Oppenheim in the Middle East. Research reports published about Middle East region and Greece (gateway to ME).

· 2010-2011: Founder/President of Autenrieth Capital, GmbH & Co., based in Munich.

Visibility note: Nicola has long been very active in conducting interviews and publishing articles about the German capital market in the Italian and other media networks (appearing in leading print and television outlets); delivering speeches about the Middle East at conferences in New York City and in Germany; providing commentary about the Greek capital market at conferences in Dubai, New York City, Athens and in Germany.

Notable activities:

· Coordinated approximately 1,000 investor meeting (IR and board member corporate roadshows) of mostly all German and Greek listed corporates for all key institutional investors in Southern European countries and in the Middle East.

· Coordinator for banks of large investors-focused conferences at IR and Board Member level for European institutional investor in Milan (yearly specialized one-day-conferences on one-to-one basis, up to 24 European Corporates for about 100 leading European institutional investors); in Dubai (in the Emirates the first ever made conference with the participation of 18 leading European large caps); and in Athens (yearly conferences of leading Greek listed companies dedicated to the key European institutional investors).



October 1, 2011

Spring 2010 – September 2011

ACON Group – ACON Actienbank AG

Managing Director Equity Corporate Finance
Focus on Middle East, Greece, German mid-cap companies, US investors

Autenrieth Capital / capital market advisory

October 2000 –
Spring 2010

Senior Vice President
October 2000 – March 2008 - Director Institutional Equity Sales – Head of Sales
Team, South Europe & Middle East - April 08 – Present - Director Corporate Brokerage

NOV 97 – SEP 00

Vice President
Director Institutional Equity Sales – Head of Sales Team "South Europe"

JAN 92 – OCT 97

Assistant Vice President (1995)
Institutional Equity Sales

OCT 90 – DEC 91

Representative Manager in Germany for the Bank

JUN 88 – SEP 90

Custodial Service, Account Officer and Acquisition

AUG 86 – JUN 88

Apprenticeship in Banking & Finance

Nicola R. Facciorusso
Fellow of the Institute

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