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An organizational architect and creator of the globally renowned Shareholder Value Assurance (SVA) methodology, Mark W. Sickles has provided the global business community with a governance breakthrough by integrating governance with strategy, risk, culture and social responsibility. He is rapidly becoming one of the most influential people in the world on the critical topic of strategic governance.

Over the years, Mark has practiced SVA and strategic governance to create billions of dollars of shareholder value as a senior executive, officer, director, and external consultant. As one client said, "Mark took away our opportunities to fail," leading to a dramatic increase in profitability and doubling the firm's market value in just two years.

Mark first created the SVA management system to transform $800 million Rorer Group into $4 billion RPR over a six year period, producing 35% annual rates of return to the shareholders. According to a global leadership educational firm, "Mark's ability to clearly communicate a proven strategy is both well received and cherished by CEOs throughout the world." Audiences enthusiastically praise Mark as a speaker who is "creative yet practical", "causes us to think", "makes light bulbs go off", and "inspires us to do what conventional wisdom says is impossible".

Mark is a Fellow of the Governance & Accountability Institute, advisor to corporate boards of directors and top management teams, and founding principal of Mark W. Sickles, LLC. ( ) He is the author of Shareholder Value Assurance — The Cure for Enronitis and The Mark W. Sickles Handbook for Well-Intended Boards and Directors, plus numerous articles on corporate governance and shareholder value published by Directors Monthly and Directors & Boards. His role as strategic consultant to American Standard resulted in a cover story on driving increased shareholder value entitled, Setting the Standard.

Having served as a Fortune 500 "C" level executive and corporate officer in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and industrial products sectors, Mark gained national prominence in the corporate governance scene in 2004 by founding the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors ( ). As President and Chief Executive Officer and a valued member of the NACD national leadership team, Mark was the driving force behind the NACDNJ certification program, "Mastering The Fundamental Four: The Key Board Roles for Functioning as a Strategic Asset and Sustainable Competitive Advantage," leading to an NACD magazinefeatured article: entitled, "Coming Soon To Corporate Governance: Common Sense."

With Mark's new strategic governance system of purpose, principles, and methodology, the "common sense" era of corporate governance is now officially underway.

As an adjunct professor and faculty member at The Singapore Institute of Management, American Management Association, and Rutgers University, Mark received breakthrough levels of evaluations from students and executives around the world. A sought after keynote speaker, he currently serves on the boards of Trestle Group, The Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies, and NACD New Jersey, and is a former board member of Abington Healthcare Corporation.

Mark received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and his Master's degree from Rutgers University, and is currently an advisor to the Lebow School of Business at Drexel University.

Author Mark W. Sickles As Your Competitive Advantage
To learn more about Mark, visit . Read his bio, watch a TV video of Mark addressing the Enron disaster, review his books – required reading at The University of San Francisco and Drexel University's Lebow College of Business - and select from a collection of Mark's recent articles published by Directors Monthly.

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