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"Accountability" -- the word is becoming ever more important to leaders in the private, social and public sectors.  The term "held accountable" is ever-more prevalent in news reports and media commentary. Expectations of greater "accountability" are key factors in shaping public opinion and public perception of organizations. In A-C the editors focus on news, commentary, research, trends, and actions of key players shaping "accountability" and the impact on individuals, business organizations, public agencies and social institutions.

We deliver important content to you through specific accountability "channels" -- corporate governance, social investing, shareholder activism, financial reporting, ethics, and others.  (Left Menu has the main "silo" choices to take you to these sections.)  Below are today's breaking news stories and related commentary. 

Throughout the day the editors post new content in virtually all topic sections.  Make Accountability Central your computer's Home Page and keep up-to-date on critical "accountability developments."

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Accountability - the Key 21st Century Watchword
We've carefully chosen the name for this Web-accessed news, research, information and perspectives research - "accountability" is the Editors' umbrella term for much of the content -- and "central" because we intend to make this a central resource for those interested in knowing more about trends in accountability.

In Corporate America, after the spate of scandals beginning with Enron, senior managers and members of boards of directors are being held more accountable by a range of powerful forces: shareholder activists, state attorneys general, federal regulators, judges and juries in class actions, major equity owners, credit risk rating agencies, employees, unions, trade associations (with codes of conduct), and journalists.  Life is not easy for the "C" suite occupants in the new "Era of Corporate Accountability."

Even in the social sector -- management guru Peter Drucker's "third sphere," made up of not-for-profits, foundations, endowments, charities, religious bodies -- we see continuous headlines of investigations of fund-raising activities or use of funds raised (think of the Red Cross after September 11th 2005); of abuse of office by clergy and the payment of more than $1 billion by a major American church; of bad behavior by those in charge of do-good organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America or public school educators.

The mission of Accountability Central is to be the clearinghouse for news, intelligence, insight, perspective, opinion, and advice on activities now being grouped under the umbrella of "accountability."  These include the topics and issue clusters listed on the left menu choices (governance, social responsibility, etc.) and regular postings and updates about these activities searchable by visitors on the right (News and Updates, Insights and Intelligence, Perspectives and Opinion, and others).

Accountability Central is introduced as a leadership platform in 2006 and will be updated continuously going forward.  We invite you to visit these pages on a periodic basis.  We welcome your input -- send us news, your views, written contributions for consideration (to be published here), and any other sharing that you think users of Accountability Central will find useful.

At the end of the day, it is our hope that the information contained here will help individuals running corporations, public sector agencies and social sector organizations to do the right thing for the right reasons! We hope our contributions will help leaders in all sectors know more about accountability in all its dimensions.

"Accountability" -- look for the word in your print and broadcast news stories, on-line, and in everyday conversations.  More and more, it is what Americans of all walks of life expect from those in charge of our private, corporate and social sector organizations.

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About SustainabilityHQ
Governance & Accountability Institute’s proprietary research and monitoring platform for following trends,  news, commentary, research and other critical information related to Sustainability and ESG factors (environmental & energy, social issues, corporate governance)  This platform is designed to the knowledge management headquarters for enterprise sustainability issues and topics.

The research and monitoring platform contains in-depth profiles and background information on key global capital market players and influentials (such as issue advocates) that are shaping capital market and societal trends, corporate reputations and valuations. Some are gatekeepers for access to capital and shape cost of capital for issuers. These are key players in the new normal of the capital markets.

Information and resources in SustainabilityHQ are organized by category – key ESG/Sustainability Players; SRI Asset Managers focusing on ESG; Public Sector Pension Funds; and Sovereign Investors (including SWFs – Sovereign Wealth Funds).  These categories are updated and expanded continuously.

ESG/Sustainability content is organized by topic and issues in focus, such as: ESG Influencers; Corporate Governance; Water Issues; Carbon Issues; ESG Stock Indexes; Food and Agriculture; Supply Chain Issues…and many more. G&A Institute customizes content for easy access for clients’ monitoring and information needs.

There are some sections and examples that we make available to the public as a service to our community and stakeholders.  Please follow the links along the left hand menu to browse these features and learn more about SustainabilityHQ. 

Dramatic changes are taking place in the global capital markets.  Changes that impact institutional investors.  Wall Street players.  Global financial capitals.  Corporate America.  Corporate Europe.  Companies in Asia and the Pacific Basin.  The expectations of new players, and the changing demands of established players are reshaping how investors look at companies.  Third party influencers are helping to shape corporate reputations and valuations and investors are basing their decisions on these key performance indicators.  These are issue and topic areas that are monitoring continuously by Governance & Accountability Institute.

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