Sarah El-Miligy graduated from the Faculty of Economic studies and Political science at Alexandria University, holding a bachelor degree in Political science and she is currently acting as a Teacher Assistant in scientific research methodologies and Diplomatic and Consular Relations in the political section department and a former international diplomacy coordinator with Ambassador Sameh Abu- El Enien – Deputy Foreign Minister and Director of the Egyptian Diplomatic Academy at Universidad Oberta de Cataluña.

Sarah El-Miligy is also a Sustainability Research Analyst in Egypt at DCarbon for Environmental and Sustainability Consultancy, the first and sole Certified Global Reporting Initiative Training Partner in Egypt and a member of the GRI Gold Community. 

She has been engaged within the National, Regional and International community throughout the past 5 years, she has a broad experience in volunteering and working abroad with the European Union, United Nations and the league of Arab States specifically in the fields of Sustainable development, Climate change, Peacebuilding, women and youth empowerment. 


Sarah El-Miligy 
Honor Roll 2020