Elizabeth Peterson

Currently a Senior Sustainability Analyst at G&A, Elizabeth Peterson, ISSP-SA, earned her M.A. in Sustainability at Hofstra University, graduating in 2018 upon completion of her master’s thesis on ESG Reporting.  Her research explored sustainability reporting methods and frameworks to eliminate greenwashing and strengthen the comprehensive and comparable analysis of reports between multi-national corporations.  

In 2015, she graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Community, Environment, and Economic Development with a specialization in Sustainability and a minor in International Agriculture. Elizabeth has been dedicated to the transition to greater corporate sustainability for many years, beginning in her undergraduate academics through the present.

Elizabeth holds her International Society of Sustainability Professional – Sustainability Associate (ISSP - SA) Certification; exhibiting her extensive knowledge of sustainability concepts and trends, climate change, systems thinking, regulatory policies, and reporting frameworks. 

Elizabeth’s interests include: Corporate Sustainability Reporting, ESG Investing Data, Organizational Behavior Change, and overall better quality of life.

Past employment includes; Economic Development Advocacy and Lobbying, Urban Agriculture and Community Development, University Campus Sustainability, and Non-Profit Coordination.

Elizabeth is a Sustainability Report Analyst for the Governance & Accountability Institute. She has analyzed hundreds of corporate and institutional sustainability reports for inclusion in GRI’s Reporting Database. She has researched and collaborated on sustainability reporting trends of S&P 500 Index companies in 2017 and again in 2018.  

Elizabeth was promoted to a G&A Team Leader in 2017 for management, data input, and collaboration on the extensive accumulation of GRI-based research behind the comprehensive e report, “The SDG Corporate Reporting Materiality Index.”

Since her internship with G&A, Elizabeth joined the G&A team in 2019 as a Senior Sustainability Analyst. 

(Update: June 2019)

When they were collaborating with G&A Institute:

Elizabeth Peterson is a first year graduate student at Hofstra University, enrolled in the M.A. for Sustainability Studies program. She is concentrating in corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR) and government regulated accountability for her thesis. Elizabeth is a graduate research assistant in the Sustainability Studies Department, focusing on Campus Sustainability and Sustainable Business on Long Island, New York. 

Elizabeth received her B.S. in Community, Environment, and Development with a specialization in Sustainability from The Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State, Elizabeth held various student organization leadership positions related to sustainability and philanthropy. She gained her passion for CSR through co-founding her campus' Net Impact chapter, and leading the organization to receive Chapter of the Year in the second year of operation. 

Elizabeth Peterson

Honor Roll 2017