Amanda Hoster

Amanda Hoster is a recent graduate of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, where she completed her Master of Environmental Management, focusing on Business and Sustainability. During her time at the Nicholas School, Amanda worked on projects covering a wide variety of sustainability issues, but her primary research addressed the use of sustainable materials within the apparel industry.

Amanda became interested in the intersection of economics and environmental sustainability during her undergraduate studies at Kenyon College. She developed a specific interest in corporate social responsibility and public-private partnerships during her two years of service with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, where she witnessed the impacts (both positive and negative) of global supply chains on local communities in the Central American country.

(Update: February 2018)

When they were collaborating with G&A Institute:

Amanda is currently a sustainability consultant at ERM (Environmental Resources Management), where she helps clients develop sustainability strategies, materiality assessments, and sustainability and climate change reports for their companies. 

Amanda Hoster recently graduated from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, where she focused her studies on Business and the Environment. She is now working as a Sustainability Consultant at ERM in Washington, DC.  Amanda developed an interest in responsible sourcing, sustainable supply chain management, and corporate sustainability through her Peace Corps work with small communities in Nicaragua, many of which are impacted by international agricultural supply chains. She graduated from Kenyon College in 2012, with a double major in Economics and International Studies, concentrating in Environmental Studies.

Amanda Hoster

Honor Roll 2017