Alvis Yuen

Alvis Yuen is a graduate of the City College of New York, earning his Master’s degree for Sustainability in the Urban Environment. His interest in the interaction of the environment and business interest began during his undergraduate studies at NYU where Alvis pursued dual majors in biochemistry and economics. This background allows him to understand the more technical aspects of sustainability problems as well as their economic implications.

His immersion in diverse academic disciplines enabled Alvis to balance the perspectives of many stakeholders when addressing the issues of sustainability.  

At the G&A Institute, Alvis has been analyzing hundreds of corporate sustainability reports for submission into the global GRI database. His work has been incorporated into research on corporate governance and sustainability reporting trends of S&P 500 Index companies. Alvis has also contributed to Wikirate, a global open-source database for corporate sustainability performance.

Alvis’ specific interests includes: green buildings, renewable energy, transportation, and urban development. As an intern at the CUNY Building Performance Lab, Alvis worked to improve energy efficiency in New York City’s municipal buildings and performed whole building energy modeling. In recognition of his accomplishments, Alvis has been awarded the inaugural REBNY Sustainability Fellowship.

He currently works for SL Green Realty as part of the sustainability team to make a positive impact on New York City as its largest commercial landlord – and the company is recognized as one of the nation’s most sustainably-responsible real estate management firms. 

(Update: February 2018)

When they were collaborating with G&A Institute:

Alvis Yuen is G&A's Team Leader, Sustainability Research Analyst.  He is a graduate student studying Sustainability at CCNY. Yuen's experience in research laboratories and startups motivated him to explore the positive role industry can play. His interests are in energy, transportation, and urban development. Yuen earned a BA from NYU, with majors in biochemistry and economics.

Alvis Yuen

Honor Roll 2016