The Governance & Accountability Institute is an ESG and Sustainability consulting firm, founded in 2006, based in NYC, focused on helping clients become leaders in Corporate Sustainability, Responsibility, Citizenship --  including the full breadth of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. 

Our company operates at the important intersection of the corporate sector and the capital markets. We are an important connecting tissue for players in both spheres.

We provide services and customized, proprietary resources to assist clients in developing strategies, measuring, managing, communicating, and disclosure & reporting on ESG issues. Issues & topics that are material to our clients’ business and the market players’ investment strategies.

With our ESG Consulting help, our clients become well-recognized leaders in Sustainability / ESG, achieving wider recognition in the capital markets, and among other important societal stakeholders -- customers / clients, employees, regulators, business partners, and in the larger society.

Companies that follow our advice and counsel are realizing multiple benefits including:

  • Achieving more resiliency and efficiencies.
  • Gaining better access to capital.
  • Enjoying higher equity & debt valuations.
  • Seeing better ESG investor ratings, rankings & scores.
  • Gaining inclusion in ESG / Sustainability Indexes & Third Party Recognitions.
  • Achieving enhanced human talent attraction / retention.
  • Developing increased efficiency (including cost savings) in many areas of their operations.
  • Attracting more new customers / clients.
  • Demonstrating improved risk management & mitigation.
  • Identifying new strategic opportunities.
  • Developing stronger and more robust and meaningful relationships with important stakeholders.
  • Protecting societal freedom, license to operate. 


Who We Are

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. is a private sector sustainability consulting organization. Our portfolio of services includes strategies, advice, consulting and support services designed for every stage of a corporate sustainability journey. We collaborate with leaders in organizations in the corporate (private), public and social/institutional sectors.

What We Do

Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. is a sustainability strategies advisor, provider of ESG consulting services and is a well-respected ESG research-centered firm serving leaders in organizations in the corporate (private), public and social/institutional sectors.


The Institute provides leaders in the corporate sector and investment community with a portfolio of integrated services and resources to help leaders identify, quantify, monitor, analyze, implement and manage effective approaches to address ESG critical issues.


We are experts with long and deep experience in critical areas: corporate sustainability and corporate responsibility, corporate governance, risk management, and issue & crisis management. We are experts in "ESG" strategies and performance factors that increasingly affect corporate reputation and capital markets valuation and perceptions of the enterprise.


Corporate ESG perceptions can influence access to capital, cost of capital, and in the positive, shape favorable perceptions.

What You Need to Know

Today, corporate "ESG" performance is about the organization's strategies, approaches to and management of environmental aspects of operations, corporate governance policies & practices, and performance and achievements on a widening range of Environmental, "Social" or societal issues, and Corporate Governance. ESG factors are being used by capital markets players to make investment decisions. Savvy capital markets leaders point to good governance and management of these issues as an excellent proxy for evaluating the quality of executive managements and boards.

ESG Approaches Are Now Mainstream Investing

“Who uses ESG approaches? “Bold” named Wall Street asset managers are adopting ESG approaches -- including BlackRock, State Street, Rockefeller & Company, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, TIAA-CREF, Bank of America, AFL-CIO Office of Investment, Vanguard, and many fiduciaries (such as CalPERS, CalSTRS, New York State Common, and others. .


Third party service providers feeding data, scores, ratings and other information to asset owners (fiduciaries) and their asset managers include MSCI, Sustainalytics, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), RobecoSAM Group, Bloomberg, Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters), Vigeo-Eires, Storebrand, Oekom, and dozens of others (both for-profit and not-for-profits).


Credit agencies are organizing in this new environment, with equity and debt ratings and critical information for banks, asset owners & managers, hedge funds, index managers, insurers, and other parties integrating ESG.


Large institutions, fiduciaries such as state and municipal public employee pension funds and retirement systems, as well as endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, mutual funds, family offices –are adopting ESG frameworks for portfolio management and including ESG expertise as a requisite in their RFPs to external asset managers.


This is the territory in which the G&A Institute team operates – and our knowledge is available to our corporate clients to make sure you are positioned as a favorable investment by this growing pool of capital markets players, a wide variety of stakeholders, and that your business strategy is world class, competitive, and takes into account material ESG issues.

What You Should Know About Us
The team at G&A Institute bridges the two important spheres of influence  in our modern economy -- the world’s capital markets and key players (the investor community), and the corporate sector (issuers).

We understand and advise on the important ways that institutional investors – asset owners and their asset managers -- and their service providers look at public companies and the innovative ways that savvy and enlightened corporate executives position their enterprises for success in the “new norms” of the capital markets.

There are several terms used for the transitions to new norms in the corporate sector:  corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, ESG strategies and performance. 

In the global capital markets, some of the related terms in the widening embrace of ESG and sustainability performance are sustainable investing, ESG investing, sustainable & responsible investing, impact investing.

These are the two halves of the capital markets whole – what happens in both halves is of critical importance to corporate boards, executives and managers. Our service offerings and unique resources are focused on our client base:  publicly-traded and privately-owned corporations. This web site offers a wide range of information of value to both companies and investors.

About ESG
A set of underlying issues that fall into the three main buckets of Environmental, Social (or Societal), and Corporate Governance.  ESG is an approach being taken by both investors and corporate management that considers material environmental, social and governance issues in the governance, strategies, policies, programs and disclosure of the company.  These standardized material disclosures are being assessed by a large universe of investor service providers, with analysis, data, rankings and ratings being supplied to the investment community.

Our Bench Strength
G&A Institute’s strengths are based on deep and broad experience in corporate disclosure and disclosure & reporting, focused on risk management, issues management, sustainability, responsibility, citizenship, and ESG performance.

We know the ways and means and approaches of the capital market players, and how the key players are adopting and responding to the new norms. We also interact with the universe of service providers providing ESG data and critical advice to the investors.

Our Big Data -- The Value-Add for Client Work

he work we do for clients is anchored in the significant research and analysis resources and capabilities of our team.  We are designated data partners for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the United States, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. 

In this role we examine and database literally thousands of corporate and institutional sustainability / ESG reports and build “Big Data” models, resources and tools around the work.

We closely monitor the major and minor ESG third party data providers and advisors.  Many are assigning scores, ratings, rankings and other KPIs to corporations. 

We help clients navigate and effectively respond to and engage with these organizations to achieve the most positive outcomes and positioning as possible.  We also learn from these engagements what is most important for them, and utilize this intelligence to help steer the strategy of our clients, and improve the disclosure and reporting.

Our Big Data resources and highlights of research results based on these resources are widely shared with investors, companies, NGOs, financial analysts, media, and other stakeholders.

On our web site you will see various outcomes of the Big Data research and leveraging of the resources.  

Call or email us today to discuss how the Governance & Accountability Institute team can help your organization!

The Governance and Accountability Institute is a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Organizational Stakeholder.

Team Experience - Client Engagements

The following are representative client engagements where the Institute team played a key role in identifying, addressing quantifying and helping management and Boards resolve critical issue and crisis situations.

Involving Corporate Governance & Accountability Issues

    Technology-related issues

      A Range of Health Care Issues

        Enterprise-wide & Select Unit Crisis Preparedness Engagements

          Banking - Financial Services Engagements

          Addressing Environmental Issues

          Addressing Safety Issues