Yangshengjing (UB) Qiu

Yangshengjing (UB) Qiu was graduated from the College of William and Mary where she earned her B.S. in Psychology and Environmental Policy.  After moving back to China in 2017, she started her career at EY as a sustainability consultant helping clients with their ESG reporting.  Wanting to better understand how companies operate, she took on the role of regional sustainability manager at Interface Inc. in Shanghai September 2018.

In addition to her analyst internship with G&A, UB garnered diverse experience when she interned at the World Resources Institute (WRI), an international environmental think tank in DC, with the Better Buying Lab project at the Food Program where she assisted with research on consumer and business incentives around food consumption as well as cutting edge strategies to enable consumers to choose more sustainable foods. Prior to her experience with WRI, UB worked with Center for American Progress as an Energy and Environment Intern with a focus on international climate policy. She also interned at the International Fund for China's Environment, researching and raising awareness of environmental issues in China.

UB is a self-described “sustainability nerd”, who reads sustainability reports for fun and aspires to help companies reconcile economic and environmental performance. In her free time, UB is a world traveler, amateur photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and food lover.

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Yangshengjing (UB) Qiu 
Honor Roll 2017

Email: ubchiu@hotmail.com