Shraddha Sawant

Shraddha Sawant is a recent graduate from University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability. She received her Bachelors of Environmental Science degree from University of Pune in India along with a diploma in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources & Nature Conservation.

Being a hiker since childhood, she has always been passionate about protecting the environment and has traveled to various ecosystems for field study. She moved to the US in 2015 to gain a management perspective on the environmental issues. At Penn, she focused on the matters of food sustainability for her thesis to study the impacts of industrial food supply chains and provide assessment tools to build a closed-loop food value chain. Shraddha plans to continue her journey in this field and aims to drive sustainability initiatives in businesses and the society to build climate-resilient communities.

Sihui (Olivia) Wang

Shraddha Sawant
Honor Roll 2017