Laura Malo Yague


Laura Malo graduated from ‘Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura de la Universidad de Zaragoza’, in Industrial Technical Engineering - Industrial Electronics, with a Diploma in Business Management from IE Business School. In 2016, Laura moved to New York City, and took advantage of the US offer related to Sustainability and CSR training, experience and knowledge. She has recently finished an Advance Diploma at the New York University (NYU) in Monitoring and Evaluation (Project Management for UN, Government and Non-profits) in addition to other courses on Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact Investing.

Laura collaborated as a volunteer in the NGO Ingeniería Sin Fronteras (Engineering Without Borders) in Spain and has held the presidency for the last three years. She has been participating in sustainability and development projects focused on environmental problems, climate change and taking responsibility of our planet’s health, trying to do things better.

The more Laura learns about this field the more she is interested in it. She has successfully combined her job as engineer with her passion to try to improve the world.

Laura is now focused on redirecting her professional career towards CSR and sustainability strategies to improve the accountability of market and industry process and development.

Laura Malo Yague

Honor Roll 2017