Laura Ana Jardieanu

Laura Jardieanu is a graduate of The University of California, Berkeley and recently earned her masters degree in Sustainability from Lund University in Sweden. Her background is in environmental science, geography and public policy with a specialization in sustainable agriculture. 

Throughout her academic career, Laura pursued unique study programs and relevant practical application opportunities including a forestry internship in the Sierra Nevada and field research in her native Romania in addition to writing two theses focusing on the social dimensions of environmental sustainability. She also was elected to represent sustainability researchers within the Social Sciences Student Union at Lund University and to present her thesis proposal at the International Conference on Environmental Conflicts (2011) in Barcelona, Spain.

Laura cites her experience living in Scandinavia as a key influence in her holistic and international perspective on sustainability best practices including public engagement and corporate partnerships. She is also grounded in domestic issues and the power of grassroots initiatives, as exemplified by her year of service with AmeriCorps. Stationed in rural Maine, she actively incorporated environmental awareness through the creation of an elementary school level gardening and recycling program. 

Laura's interests include public transportation, environmental justice, agroecology, eco tourism, and forging partnerships among public, private and community organizations. She currently works for New York City Transit and looks forward continuing to collaborate with organization that promotes understanding and innovative solutions to the multidimensional environmental issues of our time.

Laura Ana Jardieanu

Laura Ana Jardieanu
Honor Roll 2013